Sunrise A

March 16, 2017 8:04 PM

Carbon 7, recorded 12-21-14, winter solstice. As close as we've gotten to ambient.

All the Metaverse has been asking itself "What has become of Carbon 7?" I am sure. Well, ask no more-- not much. After a bit of a hiatus, we've started recording again, BUT! I realized there were 2 "lost" (i.e. neglected) sessions festering on my hard drive, so I'm finishing them first. This is from the second of those.

This is us at our absolutely most restrained. Dennis plays the aluminum can for a bit prior to his more normal trap kit musings. It's just noise for 8 point something minutes before we pull a theme together finally, & hold it for the last 9. Maybe that's your thing, though.

Music for gluing two pretty things together to form a single, prettier thing, waiting for the cat to finish its nap on your legs, or arranging items found in your pocket after a cold, windy day at the beach.

posted by Devils Rancher

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