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August 20

Down in the Well

Vocal and guitar, one rough take, one track, melodic and intense two minutes and thirty seconds

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August 18

Just Like Me (Orsa's song)

Due to circumstances almost entirely beyond my control, I recently became responsible for a wonderful young dog named Orsa. This song is written from her perspective. [more inside]

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August 16

Indelible Swing

The world is a crazy place right now so here's a new wave song about GOLF! [more inside]

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The first of a new series of ditties titled "Realtors of the World," based on real estate agents' names that managed to worm their way into our heads.

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August 15

Fisherian Runaway (poison frog song)

First song written and recorded since I moved to Napa. Spooky grungy punk that maybe doesn't reflect my sunny new locale. Written about my drummer's frustration with dating, online and otherwise. Lyrics in fold. [more inside]

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August 12

Sea Song (English)

Dagga Punisment (yours truly) featuring text and voice by my wife, Nadine. [more inside]

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August 11

Strictly Germ-proof

Arthur Guiterman wrote it. droplet posted it. epj suggested singing. I was powerless.

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07 - no rain - vampire deer

last song of the album - kind of seems to be about my life right now ... [more inside]

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August 10

Night Cruise

Some goofy synthwave that I found lying around the old project bin.

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August 8

06 wondering - vampire deer

next to last song [more inside]

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August 6

filter party

Havin a play on the Korg Monologue Featuring the Roland JX-8P on chords

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August 5


This piano part and vocal melody have been rattling around in my brain for a while--finally wrote some lyrics and fleshed it out a bit.

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Ask and you shall receive

... [more inside]

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August 2

it *doesn't mean much

i guess it's about getting old...

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Sredni Vashtar - Epic

Not a cover of the Faith No More song. Oh no. [more inside]

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05 - january - vampire deer

or the song of this summer [more inside]

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August 1


At this point I just need to acknowledge that childish major-key jams with samba feet are my home genre. [more inside]

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