About the Music Challenge

The Metafilter Music Challenge is a bi-weekly, theme-driven invitation to Metafilter members to submit original song recordings to Music interpreting the current theme in some manner. Participation is optional, open to anyone with an account, and explicitly just for the fun of it.

Interpretation of the theme is completely free-form. Whether your recording treats it as a genre, a lyrical hook, an excuse for Foley work, or whatever else, is entirely up to you, but for the purposes of the challenge it'd be best if you can make clear *how* you went at it. A comment in your own post about how you got from the theme to your recording would be great.

Be sure to tag your theme posts with two tags: "mefimusicchallenge", so that we know that it's a theme entry, and also the tag for the current theme (e.g. "sky", "razorblades", "country"). The current theme is listed at the top of the Music front page.

The focus is on original music, and preferably new recordings. As with all Music posts, these should be songs you had an active part in recording — by yourself or with your band, generally. While existing recordings that fit the theme and that haven't been posted previously are welcome, this is a great opportunity to get yourself writing and recording something new.

Every theme will have an official deadline listed on the front page. If you'd like to post a theme entry after the deadline, that's always fine -- but if we do any official per-theme roundup or discussion, we might not catch it if it comes in later on.

Final decisions on which themes to use will be made by the Mefi admins, but if you have a specific suggestion you'd like us to consider, feel free to drop a line to cortex.

There are no official prizes for entry, no vote tracking, no fees, no rankings of theme posts: this is not a contest, it's a challenge. Use it as an excuse to kick yourself in the pants; do it for the fun of doing it, and check out the other contributions that get posted.

If you're not a Metafilter member yet but you're interested in participating, you're welcome (and encouraged!) to sign up for an account and jump in the pool.

For a little history on the origins of the theme challenge, see this metatalk thread.