5/4 by Quemada

July 2, 2006 12:52 PM

We were young, it was 1989 and the 9 of us crowded into the studio in Leeds. Quemada were in the house... The originator of the band, the base player, wanted to play "bastard hard funk" and we came up with this one which sounds a little like a dance tune but is in 5/4 time and used to confuse the hell out of everyone... enjoy!

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oh and it's an homage to both Golden Brown by the Stranglers and the theme from Mission Impossible
posted by itsjustanalias at 12:53 PM on July 2, 2006

Yeah, I can definitely hear the Mission: Impossible. Cool stuff, I'm a sucker for irregular meters.
posted by danb at 1:14 PM on July 2, 2006

I like it. What're you using for the organ sound?
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My fondest memory from high school band was getting to play the bongos in Mission Impossible. The instructor/conductor selected that piece just to give the lowly accessory percussion guy (me) a lead, bless his heart.
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It's an old wooden Hammond that had been sitting in some old boy's front room for years... he needed the money, we needed an organ... 'take care of her lads' he said as four of us wheeled her away on her special trolley.


she weighed a ton, nice sound though.
posted by itsjustanalias at 1:05 PM on July 3, 2006

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