Get Drunk

August 31, 2007 10:25 AM

I used to play bass for a band called Red Hay; we had a serious case of Uncle Tupelo Envy, and our catalog showed it. Get Drunk was one of our better songs... we tried really hard to make the rhythm section sound like a semi-truck motor. Recorded in 1998 in a high school band room in Verndale, MN.

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Some liner notes and background, because why the hell not?

The Red Hay lineup was Grant Weeks: guitar, vocals; Erik Jensen: guitar; Dale Plasek: drums; K. Pille: bass, vocals (Grant and I traded off depending on who wrote the song, a tradition that carries on to our current band). Red Hay never really had a shot because our drummer was a music teacher in outstate MN and couldn't make it to the Twin Cities easily enough for us to play more than every month or two, and we rarely practiced. On the bright side, his music-teacher slot meant that we could drive out with our gear and set up a pretty sweet makeshift studio in a bandroom (we also did some recording in an unused cattle barn; that didn't turn out as well).

Recorded pretty close to live-in-studio; I'm pretty sure that vocals were the only thing we overdubbed on this one.
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Oh yeah, and if you really get Red Hay fever, I recently found some old show posters (including one with a really embarrassing picture of me) and gave 'em a set on Flickr.
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As far as serious cases go, Uncle Tupelo Envy is one of the better ones to have. Nice work!
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