Monkeys Vs. Plumbers

February 25, 2008 8:50 AM

I got a copy of FL Studio and decided to try my hand at electronic music. Come out sounding more like an SNES soundtrack.

I can't really classify it, as the misleading title implies you dance to it, but I can't imagine this as some sort of club hit. Not nearly enough "All you base are belong to us" vocoder samples or police sirens. A bit on the repetitive side, but I was going for layering.

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This is fun. I like some of the sounds a lot, like the sucking, moving reverse cymbal or hihat or whatever it is, and the filtered arpeggio that comes in at 1'17". Very playful.
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it does sound kinda like SNES music...but i like it...I have messed around with trying to make game music for an rpg that my brother and I were working on...but never finished....not much free time anymore to do it :(
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