March 25, 2008 9:12 AM

After switching from Propellerheads's Reason to Apple's Logic Studio, I went looking for interesting loops and found these.

An acoustic guitar loop, backed by piano and strings. I'm a big fan of the texture of a grand piano, and Logic's built-in loops reproduce that sound faithfully. I don't know if I'll ever actually release this piece on an album, but it's a good sample of the sound I'm trying to achieve.

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This is my first MetaFilter post, btw. I'm wondering about the difference in feedback between here and the Feel Good Initiative.
posted by blinks at 10:09 AM on March 25, 2008

That guitar and piano loop combination is really nice. I'm not sure about that sound that comes in at about 55 seconds; I've heard that one a lot. I don't know anything about the Feel Good Initiative (link doesn't seem to work), but you'll find that everyone here (on Mefi Music that is, not necessarily Metafilter in it's entirety) is very supportive and constructive.
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@Corduroy: It sure seems like it, from my look at the other comments in the music section. I'm optimistic about the entire thing.

Strange about the link. It's to the song itself, which seems to work fine for me; they're a pretty new start-up, so who knows about their reliability. When it's up, it should be available at http://thefeelgood.com/.

Until then, I'm liking the features provided here.
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I don't know anything about your software -- are these loops sampled from your own playing, or are they from some other source?

I like the sound at 55 seconds, but I always like things more the more bell-like they become.

Your first FGI link works fine for me, but I've never seen that site before. (It looks interesting, though.)

As far as feedback here goes -- sometimes you get a bunch, sometimes you get nothin'. It helps if you give it, too, but it looks like you've got that figured out already. Welcome!
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@Karlos: These are loops that come for free with Apple's Garage Band, of which Logic is basically the upgrade. They're free for use for anyone who has the software. I've actually heard several major songs (including Rihanna's recent "Umbrella" release) use them. Hers uses one of the drum loops.

I like the organ/bells, too -- they're soft enough to not be piercing, which is hard to find.

As for feedback, I think I'm getting more just on this one song than I've gotten in a long time elsewhere. I'm excited. What's the etiquette on time between music posts?
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blinks, MetaFilter Music is one of the newer and less popular parts of this site, so I think there's less of an established protocol. I can't speak for everyone, but I'd be happy to see more soon!
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@danb: Sweet. Thanks for all the help!
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Post away, indeed. There's a site-enforced 24 hour timeout between posts, but no other specific hard-and-fast mechanism beyond that; as danb says, protocol is hazy. I wouldn't post a song every day for a whole month, necessarily, but short of that you're probably fine.

And do post more; I liked this. I always forget who made Reason, so I was thinking Take California initially when I hit play. Coffee first, music second: okay.

Karlos is right about the feedback thing, too; it's a bit of a gamble, with some tracks (and just some days) seeing more responsiveness and some less. I find in general that posts that have a little more in the way of an explanation or an engaging presentation in the More Inside portion get more response, though, and I'm in favor of that sort of thing regardless since getting some context about what folks are posting is just about my favorite part of this place.
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I don't know nothing 'bout music, but I liked this track a lot.
I just got myself (well, my company got me) a shiny new MacBook Pro, so I must check out this Garage Band thingie.
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