Mother South

September 24, 2008 3:02 AM

This was part of a musical satire project, lampooning Black Metal. It's too easy to make fun of the dress, , so I instead went with a slightly more conceptual satire.. I covered widely regarded classic Black Metal tracks, as Country songs. This track is a cover of Satyricon's seminal Black Metal milestone, "Mother North (original)"

I did a total of 10 songs in this project, a couple originals, mostly covers of otherwise unintelligible Black Metal songs. Because of the highly abrasive nature of the product, infecting the evil of Black Metal music with the inherent religion found in Country Music. I got legitimate death threats over tracks like this. One band attempted to organize an online assault, gather personal info, death threats, etc..

Some people just can't take a joke.

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I got legitimate death threats...

Damn, bro! Glad you're still with us!

I'm digging the wooziness of this. Those lazy, reverb drenched guitar lines, they're like some kind of drunken eels slowly undulating in a bucket of cheap whiskey and motor oil. There's a certain darkness, a slow motion ominousness to this that's very evocative. I like it a lot.
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It's so awesome that you posted BOTH versions of this song! Not to blow smoke up your booty, but I can do some METAL and seriously, your version is very superior! It's SO much fun to poke at those "black metal" drama queens, eh?

If they keep talking shit, tell 'em you give guitar lessons!
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If they keep talking shit..

In a way, I'm glad you didn't finish that with the obvious reference.
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Black Metal is so evil that the YouTube of Satyricon's "Mother North" continued playing after I shut the tab, then the window it was playing in.
Scary Evil.

mediocre, wow. . .

I'm glad I followed a super small link on some mefi page which I can no longer remember.
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