The Second Time We Dated

January 23, 2009 2:56 AM

Based on a true story.

This is the second song on the album I'm working on, Surviving a Lonely Season. Comments/critiques genuinely appreciated. Have decided to start writing more autobiographical songs.


Words poetical – in the vestibule
Your hair majestical – if hair can be that way
The second time we dated, I felt outdated
You had up and changed your ways

Sell your body to the highest bidder
Gutted the intents of this endless kidder
You believed me to be a progressive man
But there's some things a man just cannot stand --

Hustled Craig's List – to pay tuition
To reaffirm – your great ambition
The second time we dated, I tried to suffer through
After all, I was a liberated man – what else could I do?

Some things in life a man can't swallow
Even after reading Michel Foucault
I could understand you shakin' at a strip show
But to think I'd ever love a – well, you know...

If you weren't ashamed about it
Why'd you wait to tell me 'bout it
Till we were drunks as fiddlers?
You coulda moved out to Nevada
Lived amongst the tax evaders
Out in the desert in Pahrump...
But you stayed in New York instead
And made me feel like a lump.

Found your Web site – once we'd broke up
Something you wrote there – made me choke up
Said you'd started – on your vocation
'Cos the boy you were seeing back in '04 couldn't give you sexual satisfaction

Heard you went from prostitute to sex studies' scholar
And you no longer in our East Village squalor
I swear I'm not bitter, just trying hard lately
To figure why I always go for a certain kind of lady...

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hm. awkward. (subject, not song)
posted by mrstrotsky at 10:04 AM on February 1, 2009

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