Empires Fall

May 6, 2009 5:38 AM

project for senior seminar. Acoustic + vocal. Poorly recorded, poorly written, poor performed :P

I'm a little nervous to start posting some of my song starts :o not much refined and the music I've listened to on the site so far seems top notch. I'm certainly not quitting my day job. should quit now :o

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This song is expansive. I picture it working with a big, brooding, rock arrangement, and maybe even some strings. Totally respectable tune.

I used to be a part of a group of folks that would get together once a month and bring something they'd just done, whether it was a song, a poem, a video, or whatever. It was great fun. If we hadn't had to move away, we'd still be doing it. Anyway, we came up with a 'one disclaimer' rule to help people resist the temptation to lower people's expectations before launching into their performance/reading/whatever.

I think that rule would work well here as well. This site is like the best kind of 'open mic night.' People post both first drafts and painstakingly mixed and mastered tunes. There is a wide range. I know it's eerie to send your songs off into the ether and not know how people are reacting to them. Hell, I posted a song once with lyrics about that very thing. So write out your disclaimers, if you must, but then just delete them before you press post.

And the lackoftalent tag? Banish that, please. I don't even want to look at that. I guess it's a hotbutton issue with me. The idea of talent takes an on-going process (learning, playing, writing, practicing) and turns it into this inert blob that is considered to be either inside you or not. It's just not useful. I honestly think it's a poisonous idea. Put in 10,000 hours of concentrated practice, and then step back and decide whether you're talented or not. But before that?

I'll stop my rant and just say welcome, and thanks for posting.
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The guitar has a great sound to it, I think. For some reason makes me think of a harp combined with a certain electric piano effect. Are you able to add more tracks? I feel like there are a lot of directions this song could go, if you decide to work on it again. Another vote to take away that lackoftalent tag.

Great comment, umbĂș. It can be hard not to preface, and your comment is a good reminder of why not to.
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