Mr Slug goes back to hell 2009

May 17, 2009 4:38 PM

One of the earliest songs I've ever made (one of the only I could find) remade with slightly better skills and slightly cheaper equipment. File under easy listening holographic lounge soundtrack.

In response to the music challenge, I offer this. I make computer music with samples, so I can't exactly "cover" my first song; I've long since lost the files to everything I made in high school, and I don't remember the samples I used to make them. I did however find a song made for the soundtrack to an imaginary Sam & Max style adventure game based on a poorly-illustrated comic book made by me called "Mr Slug goes to Hell."

The original was a lo-fi drum beat wedded to a smooth jazz loop I made as I was learning to beat match circa 1998-9. I chopped and manipulated the original recording and also added 808. I retained the looping atmospherism of the original composition; the whole song can be cleanly looped as long as it takes you to solve the puzzles in the imaginary next-gen remake of the imaginary Mr Slug game from '98.

I'm not going to post the original because the United States doesn't torture.

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I'm not really happy with how this turned out, by the way.
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