Syllogismobile (demo)

May 17, 2009 6:33 PM

Transuniversal love story.

This is the first demo for my next album. The final version will (I hope) have real drums, keys, horns, guitars, and a singer who can sing.

The words:

First sight, arc light
Salamander burning bright
First word, unheard
The notion of language too absurd

She's got logic for every occasion
Proposition and refutation
Syllogismobile, take me home

First touch, nonesuch
"September Gurls" never could do so much
First kiss, cache miss
Ignorance never was bliss like this

She's got magic for every occasion
Similarity and contagion
Syllogismobile, take me home

There's an infinite number of idiomatic spaces
Each with its own axiomatic basis
Where she comes from, P does not mean not-not-P
And where she's from is where you want to be

New world, unfurled
A tiny tangle now uncurled
New day, yes way
Redefinition of okay

She's got powers for every occasion
X-ray vision and transmutation
Syllogismobile, take me home

posted by doubtfulpalace (2 comments total)

The solo after the bridge is yummy. Kind of wish it were part of the official version. Well, in another couple of decades you can release it on Doubtful Anthology and the fans will snap it up.
posted by eritain at 1:04 PM on November 26, 2010

Don't get me wrong, the other solo is yummy too. But in some way I think this one was more arresting. No accounting for taste, especially mine.
posted by eritain at 1:05 PM on November 26, 2010

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