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August 16, 2009 12:26 AM

I'll come clean and say yes, there is a cough in the middle.

This is a song I wrote with the music from when I was 15, and the words being just an old thing I put together kind of the theme of those homeless kids who hang out by Broadway and Belmont in Chicago with their dog.
"let it go, look what you've got
later in life we know we'll have a lot
you've got a lot, but your plot did not clot
just think of it: this is what made us!"

What do you think; worthy of the public?

posted by lhude sing cuccu (4 comments total) 1 user marked this as a favorite

the voice, cello and guitar are propulsive and lovely; public worthy. I especially enjoy the way the cello (it's a cello, right?) stays in back and provides sweet shading. Maybe because it's sunday morning, this evokes VU with Nico. It also reminds me, in an odd way, of Queens of the Stone Age -- I can really hear it overdriven and heavy and pounding.
posted by February28 at 4:51 AM on August 16, 2009

oh! thank you. It is actually just a simple bass.
I never thought it sounded like a cello; I always assumed it sounded like the cheap passive-tone bass it is.
posted by lhude sing cuccu at 6:44 AM on August 16, 2009

Bass? No joke, I really hear cello in there :) Nevertheless, terrific song.
posted by February28 at 2:53 PM on August 16, 2009

This is sweet. I wish the vocal was a little louder, but the bass has a nice rolling drive to it and your chord choices on guitar are great! For me, it has a nice jazzy punk feel. Keep it up!
posted by snsranch at 5:51 PM on August 17, 2009

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