2012 by vampire deer

January 12, 2010 9:41 PM

song 1 of 8 of the 7th vampire deer album, lucky 7

oh look out you got 2012 comin
it's going to be a trip to the moon
all the freaks in their flying saucers
will turn us into reptile soup
saw it all on my askahic tv
saw it all on my cosmic phone
saw it all when my skin turned mayan
saw it all with my black hole bone

you can't sleep forever
you can't drink forever
you can't talk forever
you can't lie forever

oh, look out, earth's a 2012 pinball
better hope that it don't go tilt
secret words in an underground fortress
tv priestess in for the kill
get it all with this 800 number
get it all while the getting is good
get it all before we've ascended
or we've turned to petrified wood

oh look out you got 2012 comin
got to get your game face on
look at the sky and smell those chemtrails
watch out how they're putting you on
they've got wires inside the white house
they've got wires inside your head
they've got wires inside sedona
they've got wires inside the dead

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