Nyarlathotep's Cthulhu Diss Track (radio edit)

February 1, 2010 10:34 AM

A nerdcore track I was commissioned last year for someone who wanted me to write and record a track of Nyarlathotep aka The King In Yellow dissing the Dread Cthulhu. This joint does contain bleeped-out curses.


(yeah, so there's this squidy, tentacled motherf*cker, talkin' like he's an ELder God or some sh*t.Yeah, you're fulla sh*t. In fact, Yellow King says he's just a b*tch.)

yer sleepin
yer dreaming
while i'm up here schemein'
is there rest for king in yellow
well i'd hafta say hell no
you got your cultists
i got my f*ckin' soldiers
while you grow older i grow colder
wreckage, it smolders,
the site of ya doom
explosions an broke necks strewn about ya cultists room
the sea is your tomb, just keep on restin'
when ya wake up, you'll shake up, cause all that time invested
in driving men mad made em useless as f*ck
ya scrambled they brains, so i just scoop em up
and use their corpses in my war,
battle lines are drawn
ya open ya mouth of madness
i open my mouth to yawn
you got pawns i got players
they got prayers, i got swords
sharper then trying to cut me with your words
your wards your sigils they aint gonna help
what good they gonna do against the yellow devil himself?
got the world in my hands
got it all in my plans
wouldn't think a f*cking sea b*tch like you could understand
i demand respect, and i cultivate fear
an while ye hear, i'm gonna make a few things clear
you ain't a god, you're just a squid
who is lazy as f*ck
takin' thousand year naps
well it's time to wake up
you got your wack as f*ck cultists
think they all in ya thrall
when the final result is
i just slayed em all
without men to fear you
ya nothing, ya trash
so i'm on the attack with a can of whoop-ass
"Along the shore the cloud waves break,
The twin suns sink behind the lake, "
Oh my mistake! you ain't realizin'
i don't need no bad moon risin!
wreakin' havoc, spittin curses
worse then all ya dreaded muthaf*ckin' verses
ia! ia! chuthulu! whatever!
well it it won't seem so clever when i've gone an severed
ya head from ya neck
got ya all in check
woohah yippe kay-yay i wonder who's next
it don't matter to me
y'all gonna fall
breakin' down the walls
yellow king above it all

posted by ShawnStruck

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