Girls on Bicycles

May 26, 2010 12:00 AM

Myself on nylon.

Relativity: conceived on a Freedom Machine.
Her teenage Varsity made singlespeed.

Passenger and engine,
she's directing their attentions as she's gliding.
Each with silent questions,
'Who's the one with her affections?'
'What's that she's riding?'

Perfect blur of circle and triangle -
ankles, skirts, spokes - those girls on bicycles.
All hues in bloom this afternoon. Stems and petals
synthesizing splendor and asphalt.

Ankles, skirts, spokes, stems and pedals synthesizing splendor and asphalt.

posted by blue bar (3 comments total)

That is some fine pluckin', I'm jealous!
posted by fleacircus at 1:56 PM on May 27, 2010

Interesting lyrics. I like the guitar work.
posted by tdismukes at 6:38 AM on May 29, 2010

I quite like this. We don't get enough of this kind of fingerstyle work around here.
posted by cortex at 11:36 AM on June 1, 2010

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