IRL now ready for gigs!

August 6, 2010 11:13 AM

So I thought it might be worth mentioning this over here specifically: the new meetups-and-such subsite we've been working on, IRL, is officially ready to host non-traditional meetup stuff like, well, music gigs.

If you've missed the hubbub previously, there's a recent announcement-and-bugtest thread right here, as well as an older one from when we first launched it six weeks ago. There was a lot of brainstorming in that older thread and discussion about what is and isn't intended to go there, so it's worth a skim if you haven't been following along.

This basic idea is something I've wanted for years and years, and I know at least a fair few of the rest of you have too. I'm really excited that we've finally gotten it rolled out, and I'd be happy to chatter here about music-specific stuff related to it though you're also welcome to jump into the more recent metatalk thread if you want to talk about stuff there.
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posted by churl at 3:29 PM on August 6, 2010

and Hurrah!! And jolly good show, what?!?
posted by MajorDundee at 4:21 PM on August 6, 2010

MeFite open mic night.
posted by danb at 9:03 PM on August 6, 2010

MeFite open mic night.
That is an awesome idea.
Just show up and not say your username and get onstage and sing a song.
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Seconding Chococat vehemently.
posted by unSane at 9:54 PM on August 6, 2010

woo hoo!
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Problem, though: a street address is required. Now, in Tokyo (and elsewhere in Japan as well) a street address isn't always, um, readily available, or necessary. People often go to and find places strictly by directions and/or a map. But aside from that, I've got the street address for the venue I'm playing tomorrow night, but inputting it in the required field gets me nowhere. It's the very address which gets me a Google map, but, it ain't good enough for Mefi IRL, apparently. This is a bug which needs to be looked into.

Here's the address the IRL form can't seem to read:

Tōkyō Metropolis Suginami Ward荻窪3丁目47−21

but which gets me a map at Google maps. Hmm...

Personally, I think it shouldn't be a strict requirement to include a street address in that little box. But if it is a requirement, it should certainly work for any address in the world.
posted by flapjax at midnite at 2:55 AM on August 7, 2010

Try just using Latitude / Longitude. Worked for me.
posted by churl at 11:37 AM on August 7, 2010

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