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August 24, 2010 5:20 AM

Time to 'fess up your discography. What records/CDs have you played on? Let's hear the horrible, uncensored truth...

(Inspired by this cryptic comment).
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Bands are like fish stories. The best ones always get away. What you're left with -- the releases -- are like the fish you actually landed -- woefully undersized and hardly representative. But they are what they are, so here goes.

In order:

1993 ShrimpTractor -- The Shrimp EP (7", pink vinyl!)
1993 ShrimpTractor -- Losing it (7")

This was my first real band, with Martin Whitehead (formerly of The Flatmates). I was on guitar. An attempt to collide C86 with Dinosaur Jr which mostly failed, but in a riotous way. We seemed to get played on John Peel fairly regularly, but that was about it. Band eventually split following a tour of the north which culminated in an argument about a fishtank.

NME's review of 'The Shrimp' consisted of the following: "They expect us to pay for this shit?"

Pat, the bassist, and I formed a couple of bands afterwards (Earcandy and Plaid) but although they were much better bands, we didn't have the driving force of Martin to push us to great things, so we meandered mostly, just playing gigs and a few radio sessions.

Finally, a bunch of us decided that we had had it with the world of indie, and formed Dead Man's Curve, an instrumental (and thunderously loud) surf band. To our enormous surprise this was much more successful than any of the other bands any of us had been in. The two guitarist spots were already taken so I joined on organ.

1996 The Missing Chord (Compilation, track 'Charlie's Point')
1997 Dead Man's Curve - Surfquake (CD Single)
1998 Dead Man's Curve - World Catastrophe Generator (CD)
1999 Dead Man's Curve - We Will Prevail (CD)
2000 Frankie Stein & The Ghouls Tribute CD (compilation, track 'In a Groovy Grave')

That was when I moved to Canada, which pretty much killed my music career stone dead. Until now, anyway...
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This inspires me to put together a discography with links, as you've done here, unSane, but at that'll be a chunk of time, getting it together, which I don't have right now, unfortunately. In the meantime, I'll link to this old discography (from my old and very dusty website) which, besides having no links, is also out-of-date: there have been a few releases since it was compiled, most notably this one from last year.

My goal is to make a proper discography now with as many good links as I can find, but whether I will in time for this thread, I dunno...
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Most of my discography is already posted here, but here goes.

I have a collection of individual songs (all covers) that I haven't released which I call Dickin' Around.

With Pasty Anglophiles, we've done the complete reimagining of The Velvet Underground + Nico called The Pasty Anglophiles Rape Andy Warhol, and a few individual tracks, all of which are posted here.

Now with Demons of Gyrophonia, of which I've been a part for a little over two years, we've released seven albums and two singles:

December 2008: [Obligatory Eponymous Debut]
February 2009 (RPM Challenge Album): Jersey
April 2009: Porn [Single]
July 2009: Jersey [Special Edition Single]
February 2010 (RPM Challenge Album): Demons of Gyrophonia and the Rotatable Tremulant All-Stars
June 2010: An Evening With... Volume 1
June 2010: An Evening With...Volume 2
July 2010: An Evening With...Volume 3
July 2010: An Evening With...Volume 4

I also have about 13 hours worth of stuff in the "Currently Unreleased" back catalogue of Gyrophonia, much of which has been posted, but only to MeFiMusic.
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The one that got away was my band's deal with Epic. Resulted in some anecdotes like this, but no major label release. Otherwise my discography is little known.

I played on a sound library track that got used in a Midas Muffler commercial once. You might have heard it!
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Only one commercial release under my belt; composed, arranged and recorded music used in the online commercial campaign for the Infiniti G35's initial United States launch.

The experience was so bad (not Infiniti's fault, I was working through a consultancy) that I vowed never to do anything else commercial ever again, lest the fun go out of it. Not that anyone was beating down my door or anything.
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The experience was so bad (not Infiniti's fault, I was working through a consultancy) that I vowed never to do anything else commercial ever again, lest the fun go out of it.

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