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September 22, 2010 4:27 PM

I just posted a tune which was directly inspired by a Mefi post. I'd like to find the other such tunes. Maybe we could tag them?

Had it not been for this Mefi post, I would never have learned to (sort of) play and subsequently recorded this.

I know for a fact that mine is not the first post to the dark grey which was directly inspired by something on the blue. Sadly, I haven't been able to immediately find any of the others. Yes, I'm sure I could have looked harder.

Instead, I have a suggestion. What would you folks think of tagging all Mefi-inspired music, future and past, with something like 'inspiredbyapost'?

That way we could collect together all the music that only exists because of Metafilter. If there's a less clunky suggestion than 'inspiredbyapost' for the tag, I'm all for it. I don't really care what the tag is, just that such a tag should exist.
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Hi! With this song, the mixing -- but not the content -- was inspired by a post (actually, an AskMe question), as detailed over there. I will add the tag anyway!
posted by Karlos the Jackal at 5:07 PM on September 22, 2010

There's the Devon Funck ballad by Astro Zombie and Cortex, and the Steven Slater Ballad as well by that songwriting team. In fact, if you look at cortex's music posting history, probably about a quarter of the songs are inspired by posts.
posted by umbú at 7:51 PM on September 22, 2010

One of my songs here at MeFiMu was inspired by a post I saw at MeFi, and, more precisely, on one particular comment from that post. It's called Fighting the Civil War.
posted by flapjax at midnite at 4:51 AM on September 23, 2010

I have a song which I haven't posted yet which was inspired by the long AskMe about the Russian girls. I haven't posted it because it's written from the girl's point of view and it just sounds weird with me singing it.
posted by unSane at 11:47 AM on September 23, 2010

yes, unSane, I wrote and recorded one for that same thing: it was going to be an actual Mefi benefit CD: Astro Zombie made this post about it. I sent Astro Zombie an mp3 of my tune, but heard nothing back from him, and he never answered my followup MeMails. A MeMail to cortex was answered, and he said it seemed like the ball was now in his court as far as the project moving forward, but I think the whole thing seems, well, dead in the water at this point. I wonder how many folks recorded pieces for that?
posted by flapjax at midnite at 5:44 PM on September 23, 2010

Well I know Major Dundee did. His track was excellent.
posted by unSane at 8:19 PM on September 23, 2010

Plus (at least) one of yours, umbú.

Karlos and flapjax: those tunes are both excellent. Thank you for flagging them up, so to speak.
posted by motty at 9:30 PM on September 23, 2010

Bloody hell! I'd forgotten about that one. Thanks unSane (but it sounds like I'm straining a bit too much on it listening now, should have got someone else to sing it).

I had pretty much the same experience as flapjax - email to AstroZombie wasn't answered and one to cortex met the same fate. Have to say I was pretty pissed off about that at the time. Just.....rude. We're all big boys and girls and a simple note saying "sorry guys - it ain't gonna happen" would have been just fine by me. Anyway - easy come, easy go. Whatever.
posted by MajorDundee at 12:55 PM on September 24, 2010 [1 favorite]

good idea, motty - just added "inspiredbyapost" to the tags of this one
posted by dubold at 4:17 AM on January 27, 2011

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