Uke Song (Contemplating the Inevitable Return of the Tonawanda Kardex In Glory)

October 28, 2010 10:05 AM

A little song on ukulele and a few other instruments. This was recorded last night in one take per track, improvised around a basic chord structure.

I've been trying to teach myself to play the uke for a little while so that I can teach my son to play. So far, though, I'm sort of stuck playing it like it's a tiny guitar. Lots of little noises because I'm not used to sitting still with a uke in front of a microphone. The slide mandolin was the trickiest part, for some reason.

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The uke here blends really nicely with the other instruments. Forgive me for asking, I've never played a uke before, but how is it not exactly like a tiny guitar?

Also you've managed to capture the percussive boom of the upright bass quite nicely. It lends a certain thump to the overall mix that helps keep the track from feeling too "improvisational", if that makes sense.
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The uke here blends really nicely with the other instruments.

Thanks. That was a bit of a surprise, actually, as it didn't take much tweaking. I recently set up my recording gear in a new room and this is the first recording I've made with a mic in the new room. Given the relatively low volume of the uke and the fact that I didn't put much thought into mic placement, I expected it to turn out muddy.

exactly like a tiny guitar?

Fewer strings, different (but similar) tuning, shorter scale. But mostly, people just don't seem to play uke like it's a little guitar. I always feel like I'm cheating somehow.

Since the top three strings are the same intervals as the top three on a guitar and the bottom string is the same interval as the corresponding guitar string, but an octave higher, you can just play it like it's a guitar with 4 strings, as long as you compensate for the one that's an octave up. But it always seems like I'm doing it "wrong" when I play that way (bending strings, etc.) rather than playing the way that uke players seem to usually play.
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I really like this one. Thanks!
posted by Post-it Goat at 10:35 PM on November 2, 2010

So nice! I'd like to listen to a full album of this while drawing drawings.
posted by smirkyfodder at 4:25 PM on November 4, 2010

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