Trials, Troubles, Tribulations

November 25, 2010 7:16 AM

The one allotted cover for Nasoalmo: a cover of E C Ball's Trials Troubles Tribulations.

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Beautiful. Really pure and natural sounding.
Mind if I ask what kind of nylon string guitar you're playing there?
posted by chococat at 2:23 PM on November 25, 2010

It's actually a steel-string, a concert-size Alvarez (I think an MF60?) - but the strings are a bit overplayed and I recorded this in the woodiest room of the house (and with my odd preference of a bass pick), so it does sound a bit different.
posted by tmcw at 5:59 PM on November 25, 2010

Wow, that's surprising. Sounds so mellowed out.
posted by chococat at 6:17 PM on November 25, 2010

Very nicely done. What is the tuning? Tuning the strings low might be part of the 'nylon-string' effect.
posted by umbĂș at 11:44 AM on December 1, 2010

umbĂș - it's in Drop-D, capoed to the 3rd fret. My acoustic's also a bit cracked, which might take the teeth out of the sound a bit. the trials and troubles of humidity changes...
posted by tmcw at 5:15 PM on December 1, 2010

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