Heinreich's Compulsion

December 9, 2010 12:15 PM

Ambient modal psychedelic clawhammer banjo drone? Sure, TheCoug, whatever...

posted by TheCoug (7 comments total) 4 users marked this as a favorite

Wow. Clearly, you're insane, but you're just the right kind of it for me. Bravo.
posted by askmeaboutLOOM at 2:08 PM on December 9, 2010

This is simply beautiful.
posted by man vs sun at 3:39 PM on December 9, 2010

I dig this. Can you tell us (well, me anyway) a bit about the process of how you made it? Like, did you make the drone track first and then play over it? Or did the banjo come first and then the drone stuff under it?
posted by dnash at 8:58 AM on December 10, 2010

The root drone comes from a Grendel Drone Commander, which I tuned to match the key of the banjo tuning (Dm i believe). The banjo came next, straight into protools with a crazy reverb. After that, I put down a couple tracks of me humming with a ton of delay and a pretty extreme lowpass filter. Finally, I made the whooshing white noisey stuff by rubbing a piece of paper on a really hot condenser mic with the same weird reverb as the banjo.
Easy as pie!
posted by TheCoug at 12:32 PM on December 10, 2010

This is fantastic. I want a whole LP of this sort of thing. Thanks.
posted by evisceratordeath at 7:29 AM on December 11, 2010

Thanks for the info, TheCoug. A Grendel Drone Commander isn't in the cards for me anytime soon, still working with just a keyboard and Logic Studio. But reading about it led me to discover a cool Logic plug-in set, Spectral Drone Maker.
posted by dnash at 2:58 PM on December 11, 2010

This is super sweet. It's like the soundtrack to a really creepy hillbilly horror film.

posted by Karlos the Jackal at 1:14 AM on December 12, 2010

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