Songbird (Kenny G cover)

May 21, 2011 7:17 PM

As a saxophonist who loves (real) jazz, I hate pretty much everything Kenny G has done. He took a wonderful and expressive art form, sucked out all emotion, joy, and creativity from it, and left a hollow, dessicated husk in its place. To top it off, he hoodwinked the American public into thinking his vision of jazz was what jazz is and always was. In short Kenny G is the Karl Rove of music.

So, yeah, I covered the tune that launched his career. Enjoy. I'm going to huddle in a corner and weep.

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Correction: Karl Rove is the Kenny G of politicking. The horrible Mr. Gorelick did far worse things to far more people than Karl Rove could have ever dreamed. Truly, he is history's greatest troll.

That said, you should be careful here, as you've very nearly redeemed the damned song. I can't blame you for feeling horribly filthy for doing it, though.
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To top it off, he hoodwinked the American public into thinking his vision of jazz was what jazz is and always was

I think you can rest easy mate, although I know what you mean. Anyone who knows jazz wouldn't be fooled for a minute by a glitzy c*nt like Mr G. And given that most of the public (UK or USA) wouldn't know jazz if they were pissing on it, I doubt he's done any lasting harm. It's a bit like James Last hasn't damaged the reputation of Basie or Ellington, even though he's probably sold more "big band" records to your average cloth-eared punter than both of them. Frankly, I just ignored this guy completely. Don't know any of his material - including this track. But, hey, I like what you've done here - I like the gritty sound. Splendid!
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Great sound, love the harmony line!!!
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Thanks for the feedback!

Just wanted to make it clear, I do actually dislike Kenny G's music, but I don't think he has ruined jazz, because the music stands up for itself, regardless of what Mr. G is doing to it :D You're right MajorDundee, that most people don't care about jazz, and they would have found someone else to deliver their musical fix if it wasn't Kenny G. I was being a little hyperbolic in my post.
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Nice work ! It reminds me of a number of tracks by Roland Kirk. Great ! Thank you !
posted by nicolin at 8:22 AM on May 23, 2011

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