His Last Few Days

January 22, 2012 8:33 PM

I thought it was really darkly comical; you might find it depressing.

Written for a recent Songfight challenge with this title as the prompt.
My approach: you'd think if your whole life was so shitty and miserable, just filled with suffering and pain, then maybe you'd be optimistic that your final time on the planet would be a bit easier, and kind of a relief.
How completely awful if it was even worse at the very end.

Not "ha ha" funny, but tragic funny.

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So – three songs uploaded today, and all three are dark. Interesting coincidence.

Anyway, this is great stuff, with the genuine knife's-edge to it. The keyboard (?) solo in the middle is really a fine spooky coloration to the ambience, and the final punchline really kicks.
posted by koeselitz at 9:56 PM on January 22, 2012

This is really great stuff! Love the tone of your voice. Very, very, very cool.
posted by askmefiguy at 12:30 AM on January 23, 2012

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