Long Cool Blonde

July 5, 2012 1:58 PM

Hau' weg das Zeug!

For those of you who, astonishingly, are not beer aficionados "blonde" beer is what - in England at least - we call various types of continental wheat beers (I believe called weissbier in Germany, for instance).

The genesis of this track was the line "pour me out a long cool blonde" popping unbidden into my head one lunchtime as I wandered rather aimlessly through Cheltenham (my current place of work). Anyway that line - and it's nice ambiguity - inspired the piece. Quite like this one - rather better effort than the powerpop shlock I've been doing recently.


Long Cool Blonde

Silver fox
Makes so bold
He couldn’t catch
A fucking cold*
Old men are risible
When they don’t know they’re invisible

Move it along
Day is short
And the night is long
(I said) Hey!
I’ll give you a song
Pour me out
A long cool blonde

He’s closing in
With a rictus grin
A perma-tan
Defines the man
Well she looks at me
And she looks at him
Neither of us will see fifty again

Bartender etc

My BMW’s parked outside
My Italian suit doesn’t hide
My downward slide
But step inside
The leather runs smooth on the passenger side**

The game is up
And there’s no hope
You couldn’t pull
A towing rope
So don’t be a fool
Give it a rest
And let's raise a glass
To all those conquests (yeah.....right..)

Bartender etc.

* I overdubbed "little" instead because, well, the "fucking" is perhaps a bit gratuitous.

**yes, this is a borrowing - rather nifty even if I say so meself - from The Smiths' classic "This Charming Man". I could have fitted the riff in as well somewhere, but couldn't be arsed in the end.

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I really enjoyed this song! Quite the right mood after a long day of work and having to listen to pop radio on repeat for 9 hours!
posted by ~Bert at 8:48 PM on July 5, 2012

posted by gallus at 12:43 AM on July 6, 2012

Very nice ... is that a live bass git I hear? This is quite a different sound for you, and yet not. I'm digging it. The lead line in the choruses is just great.
posted by uncleozzy at 4:35 AM on July 6, 2012

Yup - I borrowed a bass from a friend (not a very good one but it'll do). Really regretting selling my Precision, but....hey ho.
posted by MajorDundee at 9:20 AM on July 10, 2012

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