February 18, 2013 1:08 PM

Cover of the old Rear Entry blues-rock classic....


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Well, I know nothing about blues-rock, not even enough to know if this is a real cover or a pastiche, but I love it. The horns are really well done, and the drums are sounding fantastic. I love the sleazy vocal. The modulation and solo at 2.12 are great. Then it goes into all those fourths.

I know you were bemused the last time I compared you to Steely Dan but I totally got it again on this. I think it has a lot to do with the supremely clean and uncluttered mix, which ends up feeling kind of 80s in an odd but fun way. Sounds like you had a massive amount of fun doing this.

This isn't really a criticism as its perfectly competent, but I think the bass is the weak point on this. The playing is actually rather nice and unobvious but the sound is a bit polite.

I would love to have a go at remixing this, just to fuck it up a bit. Are the horns midi?
posted by unSane at 9:00 PM on February 18, 2013

Thanks for that! It's not a cover - I said it was just to see if it got more listens (although Rear Entry isn't a bad name for a dodgy Feelgoods-style R&B outfit). Naturally, it won't. This is, after all, Metafilter - where no-one can hear you cry....

This is an old track from about 2007. I liked the song in a rough bar-band beery/leery kinda way, the performance was ok but the drums were awful and it was irritatingly just a bit too slow. If I tried to varispeed it on my Yam it ended up sounding like Mickey Mouse's pervy uncle.

Cue the Reaper/NI drums renaissance. Stripped out the old drums and replaced them, speeded it up from 118 to 122 bmp (without altering the pitch - wahhey!!) and, yup, it's getting there. Still not perfect but ok for a demo. Agree totally about the bass. It's a synth and lacks punch although melodically it's quite sweet.

Mix is a little underpowered and "middly". Initial attempts were a lot louder but I was concerned about distortion (I think I could have got away with it on reflection).

Horns are from my Korg Triton. They're not great, but ok for stabs as long as they don't hang around long enough to be spotted as fake.

But - as you've probably noticed by now - I tend to run out of gas with remixing/fiddling around with tracks and get fidgetty to move on. Maybe I'll redo the bass on this just for completeness.

We should do a swap - you remix this and I'll take a shot at your latest. Might not get round to that immediately though - I have one or two new tracks in prep that I want to focus on for the next few weeks.

Challenge idea actually?? Pair up with someone and do a remix of each other's most recent effort.
posted by Hoops McCann at 1:25 AM on February 19, 2013

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