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March 4, 2013 1:50 PM

Went into a studio this last weekend without songs written and this is one that came out. It's kinda glossy post punk.

It was just an experiment to see what I could write in a weekend with someone else doing controls.

posted by l2p (2 comments total)

This reminds me a lot of The Teardrop Explodes, which is a bittersweet compliment for me, because I love them but I always felt they could do more. This song has a great sound, but I kept waiting for it to diverge from it's single riff. You clearly had a good session in the studio though, if this came out of it without any preparation!
posted by greenish at 2:44 AM on March 5, 2013

Nice. I agree that a tad more development wouldn't be inappropriate, but I dig it anyway.
posted by soundguy99 at 8:32 AM on March 30, 2013

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