vampire deer - coffeehouse blues

April 29, 2013 3:00 PM

song 1 of ghost river college pt 2 - which is not as depressing as pt 1 was - a series of snapshots of the mid 70s

all the girls want to be joni
and all the guys want to be bob
they're planning out their summers
for experience to rob
for some songs that will make their hearts sing
about lovers who won't work out
it's the old coffeehouse blues
full of youth and full of doubt

there's the factory job for the summer
or the busking on the street
there's all the desperate characters
a songwriter wants to meet
it's bohemian authenticity
the belief that you're not born to fade
to corporate complacency
in a suburb with no shade

so your guitar case fills up with pages
of the stories you have earned
maybe you send out a press kit
maybe you get burned
but you make sure you make your classes
and you keep yourself safe and paid
and become a weekend troubadour
in the coffeehouse brigade

years later, the paper yellows
and you wonder who you were
a rebel until graduation
an artist who took the cure
it was good to be irresponsible
as long as it didn't go too far
the coffeehouse blues got rusty
like the strings on your guitar

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