is it the beach at night

May 26, 2014 9:37 AM

Another attempt at songwriting. Unfortunately the vocals were so bad I almost deleted them. Instead I just backgrounded them.

posted by cicadaverse (2 comments total)

I really like the atmosphere you build here. And those transitions work really well, esp the one around 3:10 and the warpy bits after that. The vocals I could hear sounded great with what you recorded. Mix them higher!
posted by TheNegativeInfluence at 2:37 AM on May 27, 2014

Hey, thanks man. I did a lot of work on this one. Was afraid I might have lost the plot somewhere. It's still probably minute or so too long but originally it was a lot longer.

With the Vocals, yeah, I'm going to give them another shot. I recorded them as a last thought at 2am, trying not to wake the family, so they were more like talking level vocals and I wasn't exactly happy with them at the time.
posted by cicadaverse at 6:17 AM on May 28, 2014

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