(It Gets) Better

June 25, 2014 2:26 AM

This had its genesis a while back in trying to write something to support a movement against discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation and to encourage young people not to be ashamed of who they are. This version uploaded purely for sportswriters who's been working on and off with the chorus. Clearly the lyric of this version won't work with the original idea and has nothing to do with sexual orientation (although with a bit of alteration it might have some salvageable lines).

As I noted in another post - I'm seeing this one as tear 'n' share. Take from it what you will, or disregard completely. I'm very relaxed about that. If we collectively end up with something that serves the original purpose and inspiration behind the chorus - that's cool.


I have to say that it was never my intention
To say those things, but on reflection
Your behaviour’s really cranking up the tension
And by the way, I didn’t mention

That it don’t mean jack to me
What your shrink thinks -
He’s in clover
Another mug hanging on his tree
Forty winks
Then its over

It gets better?
Somewhere along the way
There is a brighter day?

When I met you I was running for election
The student prince, or some confection
You were understudy to the rhythm section
You got the beat
Of my affection

But we’re dancing out of time
I’m on your toes and you’re on mine
Not much now seems to rhyme
Like this line we’re really rather clumsy

It gets better?
Thought I heard you say
There is another way.

I don’t know the meaning, I don’t know what to say
I haven’t any answers, maybe we should pray
Increasingly it’s hopeless, just a cliché
Lovers in a play
Go their separate ways

It gets better
Somewhere down the road
The story does unfold

It gets better
Somewhere down the road
This story just got old

p & c David Main 2014

posted by Josh Rogan

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