stupid sexy monsters

July 6, 2014 10:41 PM

Punked up waltz about how to avoid bedbugs. Still a little iffy on how the vocals are mixed. Thoughts?

I started out with the vocals stereo enhanced and with more delay, but I kept coming back to a more centered track. I'm also wondering how jarring it is when the vocal mix shifts at the end.

He's got kindling for bones and a heart made of styrofoam. It floats and that's the best you can say for it. His head's full of egg shells and coffee grounds. Wardrobe by lost and found. Flypaper skin lips to fingertips.

And a silver tongue just like you read about. Aw, what pretty dirty mouth. Don't let him in. What a fool you have been.

She's got perma-gin breath and those hard plastic breasts, but her sex is like silk so they say. And I hear when you touch her, she goes off like a siren and her hair smells like kevlar and pepper-spray.

And a silver tongue just like you read about. Always knows what to say when you're feeling down. Don't let her in. Aw, what a fool that you've been. Don't let them in.

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This is quite an intimate mix, especially at lovely moments like 1:01. I'd like to hear a version with the vocal closer to me, so mixed up a bit, and with the mid-levels taken down and the low and high ends boosted. Not too stereo, really up-close, maybe a tiny bit of reverb but not much, at least until the outro. At the moment it almost sounds like you've got telephone EQ on it next to the rest of the mix!
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I dig greenish. Listening to it now, the vox does sound like it's coming out of a really hot intercom speaker somewhere above the band. Thanks for the tip.
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