The Secret Language of W

January 3, 2007 7:58 PM

I was tinkering around with this thing in Logic late one night, and had nothing more in mind for it really, when a friend emailed me an audio file of all Bush's compiled mumblings and fumblings from the first debate in '04. (put together by a Randi Rhodes show staffer, I believe) Intrigued, I plopped it down on a track of its own, and the first few bars lined up so perfectly, I just knew it was meant to be. So it's a duet with GWB on Vox & me on my precioussss sea foam green '77 fretless P-bass. (G*D, I love that thing)

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That's totally fucked up. As hateful a charactar as G.W. has been the impetus for some good music. I like it. I'd like it better with a little less of what strikes me as pretty generic-sounding synth (onboard?) programming and with a little more (at least mix-wise) of your nice fretless bass work. But that's just my humble opinion. Anyway, nice stuff!
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Seeing as how it's just me & my Mac these days, and I'm not a synth player, you're pretty well stuck with whatever I can tap out. One of my favorite techniques it to take a midi drum sequence, then reassign it to a synth patch & see what I get. I think that's what I did here, then for the chord change, I just grabbed a whole handful of midi notes & dragged 'em down a few lines on the grid. These things are just ditties I do to amuse myself and keep in practice cutting tracks between real sessions (rare, lately) & gigs.
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Yea, this is good. I love your bass too! Nice.
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Wow, that's pretty great stuff.
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