Small Band of Rebels for Star Wars Covers

October 23, 2014 2:58 PM

Anyone interested in collaborating on short punk/rock versions of Star Wars themes? Please hope me, Obi-Wan.

I'm hoping to find some people to contribute to covers of a handful of themes, that would run maybe a minute each. Ultimately they could be strung together into a big medley. And possibly be used as theme music for a future Star Wars podcast (if you'd also be interested in that, by all means, write me).

I'm thinking maybe something based on Meco's disco versions, done in the styles of "Man or Astroman" and "Me First and the Gimme Gimmes."

I'd be limited to providing tastefully minimal bass, and handclaps. Dialogue and sound effect clips could be incorporated. The tracks could have delightfully punny titles. The group name could be "Cover Me, Porkins." Previous experience in organizing MeFi music collaborations a plus.
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I might be interested, although I wouldn't want to be super central to the effort due to limited time and musical ability. I play guitar (electric and/or acoustic) and a very limited amount of keys.
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