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June 3, 2015 11:25 AM

Somehow the idea of doing an alternate podcast theme riffing on Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger got into my head a while a go, and here it is.

Did this all in Reason, and had a pretty good time with it. This is a lot shorter than the full Daft Punk song; I managed to scrape this much together in my experimentation but when the original really opens up with the melody/sampler/vocoder hijinks, aping it with my current limited sequencing skillset quickly goes from time-consuming to brain-melting.

It was really interesting trying to work out both the content and technique of the original track, and I'd say I did better on the former than the latter. This is a style of music I like but have never really worked in or paid close attention to the production details of, and as much as I've always liked the song I came to appreciate a great deal more just how much is going on harmonically and structurally in it as a reult of the time I spent putting this together.


monthly podcast
cortex Jess and
Haughey talking

People posting
projects asking
questions these are
all our favorites

posted by cortex (10 comments total) 20 users marked this as a favorite

Looking forward to the video with blue versions of you guys in stasis pods.
posted by demiurge at 11:42 AM on June 3, 2015

So you can finally admit to bring French robots in motorcycle helmets just like we always suspected.
posted by shakespeherian at 5:29 PM on June 3, 2015 [1 favorite]

yesss. this is perfect.
posted by umbú at 8:31 AM on June 4, 2015

Demiurge is right. This needs a video so badly, with flashy early-1980s effects.
posted by umbú at 8:32 AM on June 4, 2015

How does this not have more gleeful comments? The MeFi community more broadly needs to hear it!
posted by umbú at 7:32 PM on July 5, 2015 [1 favorite]

I was a bit gutted when I realised this wasn't going to be the default podcast theme tune - it's so good!
posted by billiebee at 2:57 AM on July 27, 2015

It'll probably wander back around; I've been hemming and hawing for so many years about doing a new permanent theme and I think it might work better to just get a whole crop up and rotate 'em as I see fit.
posted by cortex at 11:33 AM on July 27, 2015

Oh my gosh!
posted by oceanjesse at 1:06 PM on November 4, 2015 [1 favorite]

Indeed, it good
posted by aydeejones at 2:07 PM on November 4, 2015

Love it!
posted by mogget at 6:48 PM on November 4, 2015

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