LIE LACK - Haunted Housewives

June 17, 2015 7:19 PM

A creepy sound collage by my old old old band Haunted Housewives. Closing track from 1995's Worm Temper Tantrum Terrors cassette.

I had recently gotten way into Negativland, so our scrappy Pavement meets the Dead Milkmen meets Sonic Youth sound took an interesting turn. I had a suitcase full of weird thrift store tapes and a great Casio CK-500, a keyboard with two cassette decks and a shortwave radio built into the top, and I used them extensively for crude sampling. There's modulation delay and some other effects in use here as well. I think I remember that the actual recording filled a 30 minute tape that much like most of my memories of this era has been lost to the ages.

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