Purple Majesty/After-Party

April 23, 2016 7:23 PM

The night he died, Prince came to me in a dream. I played electric piano and he played acoustic piano. He had all the best licks, naturally. :-) So I had to do this, even though it's like the Tenacious D song, Tribute. This is not the song I heard in my head, which was a jam in Am. No, this is just a tribute to that song. And it comes with it's own after-party!

I packed a whole lot of Prince-isms into a little over three minutes, but I think I will leave them up to you to catch, save one. The backward masking is the phrase "where are you __ __?", and Prince fans will know the name by a musical clue (or just play it backwards, if you can).

I omitted a lot of ideas for this, including a verse about David Bowie singing at the After Party "looking sharp as a razor in a fandango blazer", but I couldn't pull off the vocals. It may not work for anyone else as an homage, but if you are a funk jammer, please do write a tribute and post it, or tack more onto this one. Sorry for the sub-par mix - did my best.

Samples are from BreakBeat Paradise.

p.s. - darnedest thing - Prince mentioned something about drugs in the dream, and this was when they were saying it was the flu that got him.

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A very worthy tribute. Bravo, AppleSeed.
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Forgot to post the lyrics which are a little obscured by effects:

Hey, everybody -
Welcome to the After Party
Way up among the clouds
Better believe, it's a little bit loud

After playing a full concert, Prince would often make an appearance at a club for an "after party" set. I'm not religious, but who can resist the image of the ultimate heavenly jam session with all the greats who have passed? Maurice White this year, too.
posted by AppleSeed at 7:10 AM on April 24, 2016

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