The Challenge Is This

November 8, 2016 8:54 AM

I needed this challenge to get away from the song I've been slowwwwly working on otherwise. I recorded some of it last year, but heavily edited and added onto it last night, and then trimmed it down to a slim fifty-seven seconds. Song 14 in my Unu Kanto Po Semajno series.

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What a ride! Such overlapping textures, wide and earthbound and springy and head-filling. Feels like I'm in a hallway full of studio rooms and I can hear all the bands at once in different directions. Love the crispy drums filling in the feathery fishspine of it all.
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This is superb
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shucks, thanks! I have a strange liking for this song, different from other similarly simple tunes I've done in the past... it's also a rare one where I'll revive a "dead" song – it's uncommon for me to go back to a noodling which I'd originally thought worthless, but when I opened the file, tweaked a few things in the mix and cut a few parts out, it sounded a lot better than I'd ever remembered.
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I really like the rhythm changes in this. That plus the layers help makes the song feel like a winding story within only 60 seconds. What are the sound effects from?
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The sound effects were some "Laser Shot something" buried in the Garageband settings, which I then randomly twisted knobs on until I got something I wasn't expecting, nor could I really control.
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Pretty cool results and it's neat to know the effects were customized for the piece.
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I love that thick layer of motoring dissonance in the mix, sort of a jumble of overtones with all the pieces moving around together.
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