Looks like rain

January 4, 2017 7:32 PM

I sampled Morphine's classic 1992 number You Look Like Rain for this one. This is my Dec/Jan #MeFiMusicChallenge and #DoWhatScaresYou entry.

For this challenge, I decided to try to "remix" a song - something I've never tried before but always wanted to do. I'm a musician from way back, but I've only started learning home recording and electronic music production in the last year or so.

The scariest part is leaving it sort of warped and messy rather than trying to make it perfect. It's risky - not sure if it pays off. Interested in any feedback, as always!
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It's that fourth measure – the WUHHH WUHHH WUH – that sells this one. And yeah, some of it's messy, but some of the best dub around has off-balance and warped moments, and those moments in this song add to the slightly off-kilter atmosphere rather than detract from it. Like you're the operator of a whirly amusement park ride and you decide before the park closes to give the last few riders left there some extra unexpected spins.

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Oh, nice! Just been catching up on the MefiMusic podcast and do I really like this one! Quite chill in its way, but with the edge which the bass bit not_on_display mentions above gives it. Like it!
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