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March 16, 2017 8:04 PM

Carbon 7, recorded 12-21-14, winter solstice. As close as we've gotten to ambient.

All the Metaverse has been asking itself "What has become of Carbon 7?" I am sure. Well, ask no more-- not much. After a bit of a hiatus, we've started recording again, BUT! I realized there were 2 "lost" (i.e. neglected) sessions festering on my hard drive, so I'm finishing them first. This is from the second of those.

This is us at our absolutely most restrained. Dennis plays the aluminum can for a bit prior to his more normal trap kit musings. It's just noise for 8 point something minutes before we pull a theme together finally, & hold it for the last 9. Maybe that's your thing, though.

Music for gluing two pretty things together to form a single, prettier thing, waiting for the cat to finish its nap on your legs, or arranging items found in your pocket after a cold, windy day at the beach.

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I am determined to listen to this all the way through. I have a 24-minute jam on "A Love Supreme" I'm going to post sometime soon, so I may as well talk the talk if I am gonna walk the walk.

Part one (0-3min) sounds like someone's banging on the radiator with a wrench while someone else is trying to solve a Rubik's Cube in a jar, and Geddy Lee is warming up his sythersizers.

Part two (3-6min) sounds like Tangerine Dream kicked Geddy off the stage and stole his bass.

Part three (6-8min) sounds like they've come to an agreement: Geddy will play the keyboard sounds from Moving Pictures, and Pink Floyd can come in and twiddle with the knobs.

Part four (8-9:40min) is the part where it sounds like you're gonna kick into Shine On You Crazy Diamond.

Part five (9:45-12min) is where it becomes its own dark jazzy movie soundtrack thing. Very "dark wet city street" vibe to it. And that fretless bass is really killer now. I woulda added a little more edge to the synth playing the melodic stuff, but hey, still good.

Part six (12min-end) is where this becomes groovy. The bass is playing "Down, down, down, down, down." and the drums are syncopated without being overbearing. Nice that you take it easy on the snare.

And finally in part seven (15-end) you take it in for a increasingly driving and foreceful and pulsating landing before taxiing to the gate.

Shit, I'd love to jam with you guys if I ever make it down to Austin-not-Boston. Nice job!
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Wow, you listened to the whole thing? I may get the rest of that session up on this wekend. We have a nuther opus from this evening, called Paging Sol Invictus To The White Courtesy Telegraph that clocks in at 25:02 & is a thing I am proud of. It's weirdly hypnotic in that it has literally put me to sleep 4 nights in a row within about 4 minutes, even though I've been trying to listen to roughs.
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OMG, "Paging Sol Invictus To The White Courtesy Telegraph" sounds like a great lost Pink Floyd track circa 1969.
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Good News For The Discord-Tolerant! I finally finished the entire session & it is available to listen or download now. I called this one Inter-Sol-Stice since it was recorded on the solstice, & there has been quite the interstice between releases.

Please note the "donate" button, as I am one broke-ass motherfucker ever since I had my taxes did yesterday.
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I'm right now listening to this wearing my good headphones, playing my favoured (silent, sfx-less) roguelike and it's simultaneously both engaging and the most relaxing thing in the world. Thanks for sharing!
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I love the piece as a whole, but have to thumbs-up the steam hisses which are really my thing.
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There’s 23 more hours of that where this one came from.
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