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April 16, 2017 5:23 PM

My high school band, Avatar. We wrote this in 1979 when we were 17, recorded at a one-off reunion in 1986.

Before I became immersed in Punk/New Wave in the ealy 80's, I was a putative progger. Ron had actually written the lyrics, melody & verse/chorus when we met. That day, I added the bridge & the turnaround back into the verse & arranged it a bit -- we were an instant fit. Kids being kids, we accidentally moved to Florida, moved back to Austin 10 months later, then broke up for reasons still poorly understood, in 1982, leaving behind little if any record of those 3 years. I always thought that this coulda been a radio song.

Ron was in town for a few days in '86, so I booked a day at Congress House, & we tossed a couple songs down on 16 track that we could remember. The music is live, & the vocals are 1 take with one mic. Scott Rankin the drummer sings lead. Mark Hallman basically said "you guys can sing. Just get in a circle around here & let's do this." I always loved the way he inspired confidence in artists at his studio.

This is the same Ron on guitar that is now the Ron on keyboards in Carbon 7. He's a goddam genius.

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I love this.
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I love this too, Devils!
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