Sleepwalker (Cover)

April 17, 2017 9:40 PM

"Maybe I could be the one they adore—that could be my reputation." I had The Wallflowers' "Sleepwalker" in my head earlier and decided to learn the chords and record it.

Today is day 107 of this year, and thus far I've recorded and sent into the ether 96 songs, give or take some margin of error. The goal has been to record myself singing an average of a song a day this year (previously), so I'm playing a bit of catch-up this week.
"Let me in, let me drown or learn how to swim—just don't leave me at the window. I could be the one to be your next best friend... You may need someone to hold you."
I recorded this, per l'usuale, with the Vintage Modified Telecaster Thinline, the Super Champ XD, and GarageBand. I actually remembered to record in stereo this time, and it's a bit more lush as a result.
"Sleepwalker, take this knife—you may see someone tonight. You'd be the one that saves my life when I'm dead asleep dreamin'..."
Just about everything in this song means something to me going way back, so there you go.
"I'm in your movie and everyone looks sad... But I can hear you, your voice, on the laugh track. But you never saw my best scene, the one where I sleep—sleepwalk into your dreams."
As of this year, I've been playing guitar for 20 years, and I'm more at ease than ever—and I care less than ever about it being perfect. This is my version of that experiment where half of a pottery class threw the largest volume of pots possible over the course of the semester and half focused on creating one single perfect pot. (The half of the class that threw the largest volume arguably won, if one can be said to win an experiment, as the overall quality of their artwork was much better by the end of the semester, if I recall correctly.)
"Cupid, don't draw back your bow—Sam Cooke didn't know what I know."
Or I guess you could call this an elaborate form of karaoke. 'Cept I actually played. Enjoy!

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And no worries, no one except me is staring down 258 days more of half-arranged limeonaire covers. There is better to come, I promise.
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