04 - down in downtown - vampire deer

July 29, 2017 5:37 AM

downtown, no finer place for sure downtown, everything's waiting for you

i feel hungover but i haven't been drinking
straight up tired of all the crap they're thinking
down in downtown
i'm doing things i don't really believe in
betting chips i don't have just to keep my hand in
down in downtown
feel like a fable in someone else's story
i'm just a background man in the distant scenery
down in downtown
feeling put down but i can't tell you why
want resurrection but i don't want to die
down in downtown
well there's something that i don't understand
we're electing boys when we need women and men
down in downtown
and if whiskey was a river, y'all would build a dam
charge 10 bucks a shot and tell us it's god's plan
down in downtown

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