04 - angel sinister - vampire deer

July 24, 2018 4:03 PM

sunday mornings were weird and trying

who are you what do you want to know
angel sinister waiting by the side of the road
a smile like a knife a face like a mask
sooner or later we'll get down to the task
my confessions aren't self-serving enough for you
really, all i wanted was to play it through
how many sorrows will serve you for my test?
angel sinister please just give it a rest
we had dunkin donuts on sunday after church
with christ on an empty stomach making me lurch
god's watching you on tv, god's watching all the time
and angel sinister's going to make it rhyme
how about if i close my eyes?
how about i starve my soul till it dies?
i go to work and i feel like stone
angel sinister please leave me alone

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