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August 12, 2018 8:41 PM

A crazy cross-collab that took place in late 2011 with the help of my unreal pals, Warren and Danye. Big ups to Dan for finding this one on his laptop!

Originally based on this old tune of mine, Warren and I did some heavy workshopping on the songwriting, lyrics and arrangement while Danye led the charge on the horn arrangements. We debuted this one and a bunch of other tunes at a gig in 2011 with an 11-piece band, and recorded the tunes after. Most of them haven't seen the light of day, but this one might as well!

Most instruments performed by Warren, with the exception of drums by Spencer Cheyne, vox by yours truly, and horns played by:

Andre Wickenheiser - Trumpet
Carl Lundgren - Trombone
Sarah Matheson - Bari Sax
Jacqueline Cable - Alto Sax
and of course Danye West - Bass Trombone baby!!!!
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