Our Gold Machine

February 28, 2019 9:37 AM

This is a sad, grim, angry dirge that I wrote out of frustration at my complicity in systemic injustice. 100% Ableton Live software instruments, aside from the percussion in the final chorus, which is a Nord Drum 3P, which is AMAZING btw.

Our gold machine is handsome-made
Its golden sheen a barricade
Yellow settings for the red
Its Pistons wet and dark and fed

Aureate and hammered-thin
glorious the doom therein
This is how the gears are gilt
This is how the lie is built

Are we just supposed to wait
Its justice kills as dead as hate
Seize the means, the slogans land
But with what heart? And with whose hands?

I’m weak and soft and wedded to
These comforts not afforded you
Like you I’m grist, if truth be known
But ground beneath a softer stone

We made this killing floor ourselves
And willingly we stock its shelves
Its appetites are ours made vast
Digesting joy for its repast

We are flesh and it is not
We can age and die and rot
and never stain its polished face
and never stay its killing pace

We built a gilded abattoir
And filled it with our children
posted by Sokka shot first

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