March 20, 2007 6:45 PM

Another minimalist lyric from ancient history. About a girl who's reactions to me were not as warm as I would have liked. The lingering moment or two of Leonard Cohen is a recording artifact from recycling media. Ah, the four track days.

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(It's about the same woman as this one, AKA the wife).
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Working on new lyrics (mining inspiration) and feel like adding a few other notes... I miss in a way these analog days. It would feel like falseness to reproduce it in a way. I had a cheap Tascam cassette four-track, a couple of cheap microphones, the wobbly blurble behind it is a Chinese "voice changer" toy set on some robot setting (long gone, what happened to that? Broke and thrown away, I suppose, the nature of the beast), an acoustic guitar I still own. The effort and randomness imparted a certain something. Nostalgic. The lyric, incidentally, is "you're so cool" (so un-cool-ly ripped off from Tarantino)
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