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January 31

Intensation/Mental Chant/Bullsh*t

3 song medley I remastered from my old band 10-96's seminal release "No Retreat...." I ripped it off of vinyl and transferred it into Pro Logic and then into mp3..... Opinions welcome! (About the sound quality, that is.... I am looking to burn copies of the whole album to send to some labels for re-rerelease)......

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I'm in a goofy mood. But I'm up to being challenged by the likes of augustweed and others who thump the four big strings. Also, I need to shake my "punker" leg every once in a while.

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Why Did It Feel Like a Bad Thing? v1.0

This bass line came to me during a very confusing period in my life . . . a moment that still leaves a perpetual after-taste. Women are so confusing.

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The Reddish Egret

Egret's (of the Reddish variety) are musically inspiring. This track is divided by two tempo changes (see if you can spot them!) and is thus in three parts. I figure a bird as cool as the Reddish Egret deserves a musical trilogy. Also, the high-pitched vocal sample is actually a rendering of the last note Thom Yorke sings on the opening track of The Eraser.

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Oh Death

Here's my version of this most haunting of American folk songs. It's very stripped-down: just voice, drone, a bass drum and a shekere. In the time-honored folk tradition, I've made a few minor lyrics changes here and there, and the melody I'm using is different from the Dock Boggs or Stanley Brothers versions of the tune. Anyway, it's one of my very favorite traditional songs. Hope you enjoy.

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January 30

wedding song

Piano-based song written for my wife, for our recent wedding. As usual with my songs, it's slow and sparse. A lot of vocal layering going on, and some electric guitar to round things out in the chorus. Enjoy!

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Bouncy, clicky, synthy (is that a word?), could probably use proper mastering but this is the best I could do!

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Shimauta by HappyFunSmile

This is a popular song by The Boom, inspired by Okinawan music, that has been frequently covered. HappyFunSmile is a New York area Okinawan pop and Japanese chindon band. I play the sanshin in the group. This is a rough edit from our upcoming album.

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January 29

Always Talking

Another bass line I'm working. Yes I love the echo.

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Leave Me Alone

A goofy romp in the spirit of Elvis Costello, with a sort of "All My Loving" kind of vibe to it. The bridge reminds me of the Beach Boys...Site, cd, myspace.

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Before It Dies

Here is a "Mahayana Jazz" track with some tasty drums. I hope you find this delicious and remember to get away from that tree before it dies.

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Urban Thing

I wrote this song on my electronic piano. I always loved xylaphones and was inspired by a sound patch on my keyboard.

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Perfect Martyr

One of my bands, The Man So Cool, did some recording a couple weeks ago for a demo disc. We're still working on final vocals and proper mixes, but this is a pretty good rough mix of one of the songs. Links to the other three songs can be gotten over yonder.

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January 28

The Real Moon Song

My pal Jeff 'Hotlicks' Gulley and I recorded this tune one afternoon. 'Hotlicks' called it a day and left but the song just didn't sound finished so I hit record and started singing. This is what we were left with.

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January 27

The Birds Do Thus

An ambient electronic piece I put together a long while back. This is a tonal explication of a Frost poem I love. I felt that his words were perfectly descriptive of my own dissociated days spent in a haze of necessarily indulgent coma, when I should have been out doing other things. I built it on a framework of 32 bar phrases. There was something significant about the numerology of it, but I have since forgotten why. Maybe because it was 2002 and I was born in 1970, or something like that.

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The Opportunity of Imminent Danger

One of several bass lines I've been creating. All of the other parts (Drums, guitar, keyboard, etc.) are still in my head. Anyone looking for a bass player?

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January 26

Big Rock Candy Mountain

This is the kid friendly version (no booze or smokes). I really avoid singing, but I'm trying to learn.

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This is one of the first raw demos of the composition which I was able to play with one of my Ibanez guitars...to be precise with ibanez rg. I'm planning to add a better version soon.

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Fascination Rap

Oh, will I ever regret this one. A couple of years ago in AskMeFi, I referred to a joke version of "Rapper's Delight" I once did, combined with the riff from the Cure's "Fascination Street". This is that very "rap". It is very rough -- we just did it as a joke for Halloween 1991, and we practiced it... maybe... once. (You know those goofy things you come up with in practice that crack you up but should never be played in public? Yeah.) So there are lots of screw-ups in the recording. Lots. But it was a huge hit with our friends, and so for the remainder of that band's short life, we had to play it at every gig. Unfortunately, it was only recorded the first time we played it. Recording notes: this was recorded by someone in the audience on a boombox, but it's not bad considering that. Definitely not high fidelity, though! Also, there's some talking for a minute at the beginning of the track. Despite everything, I think it's kind of fun. But painful. Definitely painful. "Enjoy." (can you believe we were totally sober when we did this?)

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January 25

La Vi Llegar (tango)

Another snippet by the Crystal Palace Quartet for your pleasure.

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I'm With Steve Now

Couple of years ago I wrote this song for a songwriting competition. Sadly, I lost (read: deleted) all of the source tracks, so this mp3 is all I've got. It's about a slacker guy who's tired of getting crap from his woman about his partying and no-job having situation (I swear its not autobiographical. :) ), who on top of that finds out she's been stepping out with "Steve". :) First time posting to MeFiMusic, but I'm a longtime listener. Thanks for listening!

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January 24

After You Get What You Want, You Don't Want It (piano/vocal)

Another 2006 CD rehearsal. I love timeless lyrics... and this 1920 tune by Irving Berlin captures human nature perfectly. It was repopularized by an arm-swinging Marilyn Monroe in the 1953 film Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. The Nat King Cole Trio did it better though.
Piano fabulousness by the astoundingly talented (and now Grammy Nominated!) Tamir Hendelman

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January 23

Radio Panda

This one is freshly squeezed.

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love scene

listening to half-recorded version on headphones, stoned. auditory hallucination of beautiful melody to add. oops, it's from 'this is the day' by the the. used it anyway. this song also available for use in television commercials.

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Air in G

I liked the way this sounded when we recorded it so I thought I'd share it! Website MySpace

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January 22

Calling Plan

A groovy acoustic guitar riff, some drum programming, and vintage Fender gear, all in the service of yet another "good riddance" song - this one an homage to the frustrations of cell phone communication. cd, myspace, site.

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January 20

The Slow Cowardly Death

Somewhere I read about how you can effectively kill populations of people by just doing your job in a big corporation, and not questioning the decisions above and below you. It was termed the "slow cowardly death" of the people affected. After reading MeFi for what feels like years, I finally became a member, so I thought I'd share something. I recorded this last year to test out my home studio, and have something to play at funerals.

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Work With You

Anything for the MeFi community... You can find more songs and everything you need to know about me here. -Noah

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Something I put together last year on a weekend, barricaded in at home. I was mucking about with my 505 and watching far too much of the 24 hour cable news channels. I never did get around to re-recording it: I wanted to clean up the strained bits of the vocals (I am not a vocalist), and work out a guitar track to add. But that's not going to happen anymore, so here it is in all its novice mysanthropy. Its my 1st MeFiMusix upload, so let me have it.

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Rocks And Gravel

This track is built around a beautiful song from Bob Dylan's Freewheelin' Outtakes bootleg. Enjoy!

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Everybody Lies a Little

This is a song by Hank Plank and the 2x4s, a band for which I sing, play guitar and write songs (like this one). It is a country band, and this is a country song. We have been a band for over 10 years now. Three of our members have a total of two children. This song is about infidelity and there is a pun involved.

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True story. Kid owes drug dealers money, so he tells them his aunt is on her way home from cashing her tax refund check. She is gunned down on her porch in front of spouse and kids.

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Love Me or Leave Me (bass/vocal)

Ok, so here's my spin on another old song. This Walter Donaldson/Gus Kahn composition was first featured in Florenz Zeigfield's 1928 Broadway musical Whoopee, starring Eddie Cantor & Ruth Etting, who took the song to #2 on the charts. In 1955, Doris Day starred in a biographical movie about Etting called "Love Me or Leave Me" & her updated rendition became a giant hit. Flash forward to 1967... Nina Simone turned this hokey old Ziegfeld tune into a completely reworked masterpiece of piano & voice (download link is at bottom). My own version (heard best live, I think) is definitely inspired by Nina's, but it could never compare to hers -- I just do my own thing & try to make it my own a bit. It's a fun song to do... audiences seem to love it. Incredible basswork once again provided by bass God Chris Conner.

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Paulie's Song

This one is by one of the guys in my band, on his own. Why am I posting it? Because I consider him to be Chicago's best kept secret and I want everybody to find out how good he is. David Boddiger, ladies and gentlemen.

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January 19

Take It From Me

The Archers of Loaf meet the Bay City Rollers in this humble contribution to the grand tradition of cheeky break-up tunes. Terrible puns abound, but you've been warned. From LISBOA's 2003 EP Either Origami, available here for five lousy clams. Crank it up, friends.

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January 18

Acidspit13 (digital, with piano)

Here's a "golden oldie" way back from 2005, it's trancey but breaks convention in an ambient/acid sort of way. Intentionally chillin' groovetrak.

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But I'm Crying

Wrote this one after buying myself a shiny new midi controller. Tapped out a beat and played some chords over it and realised it sounded a bit like Duke Special, which is no bad thing so I ran with it. This is a rough mix/version so any comments or suggestions greatly appreciated!

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January 17

The Parting Glass (Fingerstyle w/ Violin)

Fingerstyle arrangement of a trad tune, features backing violin by Gretchen Lohse.

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You've Changed (guitar/vocal)

This is a very rough recording (of quite possibly my favorite ballad ever) from a rehearsal in LA a year or so ago. I was working on possible CD repertoire with jazz guitarist extraordinaire, the oh-so-adorable Mr. Barry Zweig. (Written in 1942 by Bill Carey & Carl Fischer, You've Changed has been beautifully recorded by Dexter Gordon, Billie Holiday, Nancy Wilson, Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughan, Nat King Cole, Kay Starr, Diana Ross, Charlie Shavers & Eva Cassidy, among others.)

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January 16

Feisty Stevens - The Zombies Are Inside Out!! (mash-up)

This disco-fied zombie-dodging mash-up adventure takes Feist's "Inside Out" and lets it hang out with Sufjan Stevens' "They Are Night Zombies!!". Turns out, these two tracks were born to be together.

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Astronomy Domine

Threw a one-off session together years ago, for the fun of it. A friend was in town for a couple of days, and we wanted to do something fun, but easy. We cut the music live, then overdubbed the vocals, & mixed it all in an afternoon. Mark Hallman mixed & played rhythm guitar, & Bradley Kopp played an awesome solo. I'm on bass, as usual, and singing the low harmony, and believe it or not, the "Ahhh, Ahhh" falsetto part. Can't do that anymore. The original song, of course, was written & recorded by Pink Floyd on A Saucerful Of Secrets, and again live on Ummagumma.

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An unapologetically moody ballad, aspiring to describe the intersection between Pink Floyd, The Beatles, Radiohead, and the Band. Any excuse to use a pedal-steel guitar and brass, really. Site, cd, myspace.

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Until You Kiss Me

"i blew across the great plains like a plastic bag / from the broken heart of town to the dock of the bay / there ain't that much to say about the wide wide world / people everywhere just sleepwalk in their own little way / and ain't no hope of waking up / until you kiss me babe"

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January 15


This break I've been multitracking a few songs to pass the time, and this is today's creation. It's pretty simple, but it's a riff that I've had on my mind for a while, and this is the latest incarnation. Even though it's all one acoustic guitar, I'm trying to edge more towards an instrumental post-rock type thing than a coffeehouse thing (not like this is real post-rock, it's just a collection of layered one-takes)

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Coffee Time! (a capella)

This song was originally written in 1945 by Lennie Hayton for the soundtrack of the Minnelli/Astaire MGM musical Yolanda & the Thief. Since I just started drinking my beloved morning latte again after giving it up for 2-3 months, it felt appropriate to do a little joyful a capella singing to the world for no real reason whatsoever. Oh, if only I could set up a 5 piece band in my office... sigh.

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Jilted Like J-Lo

A short funky little electronic song I wrote last year under the DJ Dial-tone name.

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Another Division of Planes song from Trembling Wires, but with a different vibe than Ghost. I think this is the most mellow track on the ep, actually. Recorded by Scott Norton at Headgear Recording Studios and mastered by TJ Lipple at Silver Sonya.

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January 14

Cry Me A River

Happy Sunday, hive mind! Well, I haven't been performing jazz much since moving to the Bay area. I'll confess, I've missed my musicians in LA (see song title) & just haven't found my niche/comfort zone up here yet. For a while, I was commuting down South to work on a CD but it got to be too difficult... so my musical life has been in limbo & this year I REALLY hope to change that. If you folks say you'd like to hear more mp3s, I do have some. And hey... if there's someone out there who would seriously like to collaborate with (or hire) this chick singer... I'm all ears and open to advice. I also take requests! :) I miss singing for people... (Incredible basswork courtesy of the fab-u-lous Chris Conner, my dear friend)

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A quick lil' song from my band DIVISION OF PLANES. Recorded by Scott Norton winter of 2006 at Headgear Recording Studios in Brooklyn, NY for our upcoming ep Trembling Wires. Mastered by TJ Lipple at Silver Sonya. Both TJ and Scott did an excellent job. We got the masters back from TJ last week. I'll post a few more when I can.

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iLust Your iPod

I stare at you across the lecture hall in Psychology class. Your long, white cord and your smooth rectangular body. If I had to narrow this track down to a particular genre I would have to go with "electro orchestral folk-hop." This beat is a impassioned symphony expressing the desire for iNtimacy in today's society.

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January 13

If There Is Any News

This song is by Skist (my duo with singer/electronicist Haruna Ito). It's from our new CD. [lyrics inside]

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January 12

The Dark Room

I have been composing this piece for quite some time now and I am happy with the current result uploaded here. It's a fun, jazzy, bopping track with overdriven drums, horns, and a surprise guest named "Flute". Enjoy.

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Gaia - Praxis - 02 - Mainframe

BlatantSelfPromotionFilter: This is the second track of my band's debut album. The best description I can give is that it's a jazzy flavor of progressive metal. Please enjoy. www.gaiamusic.net to hear more.

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January 11

Party People (Get On the Dancefloor)

This is a recently recorded song that'll probably go on my next release. I'm not sure yet about the mix, but I guess it's good enough in its current state for a spin around the MeFi block. Party down y'all. [lyrics inside]</small]

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Perfect time to take a crap in the sink

And it was the perfect time to post this song, written and recorded when I was too young to know any better. I think I was 16. I hope I was.

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Man or Astroaletz

Someone asked for more rockabilly. This is a song written by some friends, Los Esquizitos, performed and recorded here by us, with a drum track laid by their drummer.

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Concerta Helps You Concentrate

1. Do you find that at home, work, or school, your mind wanders from tasks that are uninteresting or difficult? 2. Are you always on the go? 3. Do you find it difficult to read written material unless it is interesting or easy to read? 4.Is it hard for you to wait your turn? 5.Is your mind just in a big ol' clutter? Then you obviously need Concerta. It helps you concentrate! This pharmaceutically-inspired technojazz romp reflects my Concerta experiences. (by the way, they are prescribing you SPEED.)

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January 10

Flat Fix

This is a tune from a 1995 release called "Samm Bennett's History of the Last Five Minutes", from the Knitting Factory label. The CD is currently out of print. The guitarist is Hahn Rowe, everything else is me. I've been thinking about re-releasing this and possibly my earlier KF CDs on my own label (Yay! Rights have reverted back to yours truly!) but I've got a bunch of new songs I wanna release first. Thought I'd just throw this one out there into the ether. Anyway, [lyrics inside] and, hope you enjoy...

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Starving in the Belly

Raucous rock song from my friends' new band.

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January 9

Make You Proud

4/4 4/4 4/4 3/4

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January 8

Everything I Want

Going for sort of a "Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out", "My Old School" kind of vibe with the horns - plus some extremely difficult chord changes to solo over (not gratuitously, I hope). Website, myspace, cd.

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January 7

Clint Eastwood Jazz

Not really jazz, not really anything Clint would like. But it does blend the Spighetti Western sound with a mellow jazz bass. It's just for fun, I hope you like it.

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January 5

Signal 30

The first song I ever wrote on guitar, re-recorded by my old band the New Blind Nationals

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January 3


I sat down thinking I was going to write something dark and moody with lots of electro industrial grit. What I got was a pretty standard dance track. *sigh* Still needs some mastering work to get the sounds 100%, but it's very close to finished. Let me know what you think.

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The Secret Language of W

I was tinkering around with this thing in Logic late one night, and had nothing more in mind for it really, when a friend emailed me an audio file of all Bush's compiled mumblings and fumblings from the first debate in '04. (put together by a Randi Rhodes show staffer, I believe) Intrigued, I plopped it down on a track of its own, and the first few bars lined up so perfectly, I just knew it was meant to be. So it's a duet with GWB on Vox & me on my precioussss sea foam green '77 fretless P-bass. (G*D, I love that thing)

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January 2

The Ballad Of Beautiful Bert

An industrial experiment I wrote, performed, and recorded to learn how to master the Fostex VF160 and to learn how to dump files from that into Cool Edit Pro........ It is a song about a friend of mine who is rather, er, sloth-like...... (Includes profanity)

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January 1

No One Here But Me

The second installment from my new cd. Reminds me a bit of the Who, if I do say so myself. Start off '07 with a little 5/4!

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Another song about a girl. Her name was Loretta. By Esther.

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