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January 31

I miss you

Sometimes picking the right words to let someone down can be difficult.

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Enough #2

Acoustic version of a previous entry. [more inside]

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January 30

on and on and on

An atheist's song about the nature of politics and religion in the U.S.

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January 29

Candy House

A less than two minutes song. [more inside]

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Kinda Panda? - Bananas [more inside]

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Black Jake Moan

An bluesy diddy by my buddy Black Jake

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January 28

Ghosts and Robots

Or "Hooray for the Humans" a meditation in Post-Apocalyptic Folk-Rock! Every now and then, someone favorites (or unfavorites) this little line, which I dropped as a comment on a great post about the world after humans. It's actually the opening line to a song I've been mean to post forever. Here's the cleanest version I've got so far. [more inside]

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Lady Bad Luck

Tim Cluff and the Parnassum Mountain Boys. [more inside]

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January 27

Holding Back (new album version)

An older song with a new recording. Another one from my upcoming album. [more inside]

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Apache Plaza

Ode to a doomed shopping mall. [more inside]

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January 26

Assasins Never Cry (rough mix)

There are 22 James Bond movies (counting the one in production), but there should be more. And these additional nonexistent ones need theme songs. We in Derailleur have taken it upon ourselves to provide the theme songs, hoping the movies will catch up with us. [more inside]

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January 25


Another soundtrack for a weird dream. [more inside]

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Mostly midi version made when I was studying sound engineering. We had to do a song for an assignment using Logic. I took an old vocals and acoustic song of mine and re-jigged with awful out of time drumming and wacky samples. Got a decent mark too.

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Secret Agent Man

A quick and dirty cover of the Johnny Rivers classic for a lazy Friday afternoon. [more inside]

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This is the intro to a song my band has played live a few times. Live, I do it with loops, although it's not quite this developed. This is another Pro Tools experiment, thanks to the wonderful Swem Library Media Center.

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January 24


And now for something completely different... this is a somewhat experimental instrumental track featuring pulsing soft noise, soft organs and a distorted xylophone, fake sitar, and off-key distant "singing."

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Another song by the Goddamn Handclaps. [more inside]

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Livin' In Your Side

This group I was in is no more because the piano player/singer moved to NY. We were Tim Cluff and the Parnassum Mountain Boys. I play trombone on this track, my current roommate Nick is playing djembe, and Tim is on the piano and vocals.

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January 23

You're Just New

New recording. Older song. [more inside]

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January 22

Life and Death of a Circus Clown

This song consists of two parts: the life of the clown, and the funeral of the clown. [more inside]

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Some Other Boy/Girl

Wherein I discover you can lyrically abstract and obscurely rearrange an interpersonal situation, but you can't make it blink. [more inside]

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Shadows & Frost

Seasonal melancholia from the Stockholm archipelago. Not a guitar in sight. Well they are in sight - but not in sound. They are due on the next track. Biding their time in the shadows. [more inside]

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Colonel Roger (is a Soldier from the Future)

I met a guy who claimed he was a soldier from the future, here to save humanity. I wrote a song about him. It has been described as "derivative and campy" which may well be true. It's also up on YouTube. with pictures. [more inside]

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January 21


This is a cover of the Wire song 12xu that my band Saladabar submitted for a compilation of Wire covers by Japanese bands. [more inside]

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January 20

More Good Days

Here's a song about those times when picking a random direction and hitting the road seems like best idea ever. [more inside]

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January 19

Dr. L'Amour

A friend of mine had a terrible crush on her podiatrist, so I wrote a song about it. [more inside]

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Watching Cartoons With You

In the kitchen I can hear you whistling // like no one's listening // When no one's up but you and me // we'll eat and watch cartoons on TV

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January 18

Hated By Girls

This is some kind of punk, and my girls, (wife and her best friend) did the vocals. This is fun! Enjoy!

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Tempura Pancakes

I eat my tempura pancakes with a side of kimchi

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January 17

flame to the fuses (the plunge protection mix)

our ode to bernanke's drawers....

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Ambient music for uncomfortable people.

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You don't know me. (1997)

The Great Big Mulp's first fully digital song. I mixed it from a rough mix he recorded on my VS-840. Anyone who can recognize the keyboard sounds used for this gets my undying love. He was known as Vorticon back then. I was stoned a lot back then. [more inside]

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Keep at Bay

Years ago, I had a Peter Lamborn Wilson CD, too much time on my hand, and an affinity for bad puns.

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Modern Love

Wherein I decide to do weird things to my favorite Bowie song as I learn how to use Garage Band. [more inside]

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Stank Breath

No one likes to kiss someone w/ smelly breath

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January 16

i'm a piece of hell

I'm a piece of hell, burning like a champ. I'm in love with you. I don't know exactly what you're supposed to do about it. (it's a touch noisy) [more inside]

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San Saba

Ambientish guitar piece. More here.

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January 15

Political Science

Randy Newman had it right

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A composition for acoustic guitar.

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Too Much For Me

A goofy little rocker from a few years back. [more inside]

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Stripped to the Bone

A song written by my good friend Dylan Jones, as performed by my band - the Goddamn Handclaps. [more inside]

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Had Enough

Here is a song off of an EP I just released. [more inside]

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January 14


Um, here's a song I wrote in my bedroom/basement. [more inside]

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January 13

Daniel Day-Lewis

shits'n'giggles [more inside]

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Nothing to Say

This is an alt-country-shanty by The Mulligrubs--the band I play bass in. They let me play piano, too, sometimes. We're playing a show tonight in Boston, MA. There's more examples of our smoothness on our MySpace page. [more inside]

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At The Airport

Another song from my forthcoming album "Save You From Yourself", featuring my buddy Michael Spaly on mandolin. [more inside]

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January 12

Ben Smokes Drugs

I think the world would be a better place if more people ate onions and mushrooms...the cool kind.

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Change Your Plans

I think this has potential, I just don't really know where to go with it. So for the moment, I'm posting it and moving on.

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January 11

Secret Book

An instrumental, rough mix of yet another track from Tangemeenie's work-in-progress, "The Gilded Age." This one takes a low-key, folksy kind of turn. [more inside]

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It's Time to Get Up

A short song about sleeping in and not having someone to rely on. [more inside]

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Sister in the USA

12 bar autobiography. From that classroom in Stockholm. Every word is true. But the harp is in a minor key. [more inside]

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January 10

hospital walls

Guitar-based melancholy song with vocals. I've had this around for several years, and keep thinking I'll continue to dabble with the outro. I think it's time to just let it out. I wrote this after the breakup of a 7 year relationship. I like the lyrics, and the little solo, and many other things about it. The long fade-out ending is over-indulgent and a bit off-key, but imperfect as the song may be, it has heart.

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Jesus Loves Techno (clean version)

reklus track 2b. Used samples from David Bowie\Bing Crosby Little Drummer Boy. Oh, and Sling Blade. Again, with the jesus.com...sfw

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Dreaming on a Train

Riding at night with your eyes closed. [more inside]

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Further Than a Stone

Written by the mando player, Hamdog. I'm playing fiddle - everyone had a blast with this. [more inside]

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Some jazz noodling on that classic standard Misty. My friend Steph on the alto sax, me on the piano.

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January 9

As kids

A short instrumental, played over an old tape of me reading something in French as a kid. [more inside]

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Jesus Loves Techno (porno version)

NSFW reklus track 2a. This uses a samples from a Ron Jeremy/hermaphrodite porn. The cello is from Jesus of datejesus.com (formerly jesus.com) . The clean version will be up tomorrow.

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Ground Zero Blues (Rough Cut)

One week after 9/11/01, upstate New York. Worrying, whinging and existential musing with my friends. Karen says, "At least I'm not dust in New York City." [more inside]

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January 8

Bubblegum Royale

A song about television [more inside]

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Michigan Boy

Here's one with me singing and playing the harp. [more inside]

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(reklus track one)

This is track one of the first reklus album, from early 2003. The album was supposed to be part of a rock/noise opera, but that idea has been shelved temporarily. I'll be uploading the rest of the tracks one by one. Feedback is welcome, but this album was the only time I plan on making music in this inorganic fashion.

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January 7


Song from long ago about infatuation; remixed, remastered. Gratuitous orchestra hits at the end provided free of charge. [more inside]

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pioneer to the falls / the days of wine and booze / heavy

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A requiem for the post to end all posts [more inside]

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L'echarpe perdu

One of the sillier songs from my album "Bless Your Heart", remixed by Daren Callow (uploaded with permission). [more inside]

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More inexcusable noodling, only slightly funkier. [more inside]

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Days of Strong Light

Another gentle ballad from Sweden. It grows on you. Keyboards by composer Anders Magnusson Song by me. [more inside]

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Pocket Venus

A not-so-tall song about a short, sweet object of desire. Wait, can I try that again? [more inside]

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January 6

i xill coda i.o. brie#D4CC2

Ambient minimalist fake-analog Tha-ish wallpaper, 107 BPM's. [more inside]

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You Are Loved

This is a pop track from my new album "Save You From Yourself" featuring my friend Jerin on harmony vox. [more inside]

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In 2002 I needed to make something funny and bouncy to round out the noise opera that this album failed to become. I saw a muppets sketch with monsters and a jungle...This is inspired by that. I think the sketch was the one with the Buffalo Springfield song "For what it's worth (Hey what's that sound?)"

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Glimmering Night

Acoustic piano ballad. Nostalgia [more inside]

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Wake me up when the snow is gone.

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January 5

Breaking the Rules (Rough Cut)

Country/jazz. acapella. An open letter to Amy Winehouse. Super Mario Galaxy. [more inside]

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Metafilter Orchestra - The End of the World as We Know it (Freakfolk Mix)

The End of the World as We Know it (Freakfolk mix feat. snsranch); remix by ghm. [more inside]

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yours not mine

one of the first songs i wrote [more inside]

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January 4

2 Cigarettes

Nostalgia x 2. Recorded in the mid-'90's as nostalgia for the '80's. [more inside]

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Janie in the Lake

More banjo / fiddle stuff. [more inside]

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Theme to Urban Decay

First song I wrote on keyboard, for my new album. [more inside]

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January 3

granny #6

noise piece using granulab and a short loop.

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King Of The Road

NSFW lyrics. [more inside]

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Blue Train

Old-timey / bluesy ditty from our new album. That's me on fiddle. :D [more inside]

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Mario in the Bario

An online collaboration between myself and a mate who lives in California, and goes by the name DJ Hi-Speed. [more inside]

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January 2

Ode to Kamp

I wash myself with a rag on a stick

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Plexiglass Afternoon (Laptop Battle 2007 Version)

This is a live and remixed version of an older track of mine done under the DXM moniker. [more inside]

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sleepy pete + myself + our pal Feedle = holland buffalo. [more inside]

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The Girl With the Biggest Hair

A song of love, desire, and big hair. [more inside]

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Minutes To Live, Seconds To Die

Another surf-y thing from my old band, the Brimstones. [more inside]

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