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January 31

Leave Her, Johnny

Here is an entry for the January Challenge! It is by me and rangefinder 1.4. It is a cover of "Leave Her, Johnny," a traditional sea shanty that was sung by sailors at the end of a voyage, as they were preparing to leave their ship ("her" in the song). [more inside]

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fading like a flower — millimeters of mercury (roxette cover)

Soooo, after the positive response to my Listen to Your Heart cover, I thought I'd post up the sequel I recently created. Complete with ludicrously exuberant synthesizer solo. Enjoy. This one, too, is a bass-pounding synth-pumping extravaganza. :)

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This is That

I have no idea what this is, but at least zephyr_words sent me a great bass track for it.

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Zenabi and I put together a song for the January MeMu challenge. Here are the goodies. [more inside]

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Two musical minds meet, in the deepest reaches of space.... [more inside]

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Chromatic Satori

For the January challenge, fellow mefite mahershalal and I came up with this little number. Kind of a jazz-influenced instrumental shoegaze number, I guess. [more inside]

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"The Remainders"

The Remainders are me (odd man from the original drawing) and anyone who found out late about the challenge. Details... [more inside]

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Better Late Than Never

A bit of lighthearted rock opera storytelling by minifigs and me. [more inside]

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cloches oiseaux

A collaboration with nicolin: a bossa nova collage that takes its time. [more inside]

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vampire deer - drug car

03 of 13 of sideshow - a tale of police oppression

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January 30

The Night We Shot Bingo Elvis

A sordid tale of greed, revenge, and bingo. [more inside]

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Surf punk that somehow turns into old school metal. Featuring one of the best female vocalists in Olympia Washington. [more inside]

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I'm Going Back To My iTunes

Just a worthless little ditty, in response to some hilarious comments in a thread over at MeTa. Said comments start here. I'm working on an accompanying video: something involving a dancing merengue dog, wearing a powdered wig...

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Looking Down The Barrel of The World Famous & Hoopo

A remix of "Looking Down The Barrel Of A Gun" by the Beastie Boys for the January collaboration music challenge, by myself and The World Famous [more inside]

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January 29


A first draft of a Valentine's Day gift for my wife. Posted now in case anyone has any brilliant improvement suggestions before then... [more inside]

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I Hoofed a Horse

aka I Horfed a Hoose. [more inside]

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vampire deer - armor

02 of 13 of sideshow - nsfw language - microtonal childhood rememberances

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see saw sea

made it up yrs ago whilst out at sea ,had a few people borrow it ,change it to suit themselves ,but this is it original form

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January 28

loud magic song

My son, who is 3, was in a goofy mood and made up this song. I backed him up with sloppy disco punk led by a preschooler's elastic sense of time.

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Wishing The End Would Just Come

Part of a soundtrack to a zombie movie that doesn't exist. [more inside]

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My name is Favour

Spam vocals and bent toys. [more inside]

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long walk off an imaginary jetty

been messing around with this tune for a couple of weeks,needs alot of work yet,but it was the first thing i recorded in about 6 yrs (using a mini disc player of all things)

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January 27

flaw and watchers

Part of a "music-each-day-for-a-year" project I'm doing. The bell sounds are all kitchen items (wineglasses, pizza cutters); my friends Ben Opie, Ben Harris and Dave Bernabo add some contrabass clarinet, violin, piano and oscillators, sampled from Ben Opie's CD release show. [more inside]

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A Little Afternoon Geetar Pickin'

Just a little thing to keep my Mojo lighted up. (Probably just good enough for sharing.)

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Polk Salad Annie

Just a straight-up, no-frills, bar band cover. Video here. [more inside]

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Second in a series of outtakes from the forthcoming Kings Of Last Night album, "Milk" is about keeping your head high, even if you have oil in your lungs. It features electric piano and a found mandolin. KOLNBandcampLyrics

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vampire deer - part time at the mall

song 01 of 13 of sideshow - one of those stories i heard at the mall

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January 26

Two Step Wax

This is a quick remix/noise piece of a wax cylinder piece I found.

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Liverpool Barbers

inspired by a line from this thread. Thanks, TheophileEscargot! [more inside]

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January 25

Intergalactic Hyper Friendship Squad

In today's episode the gang visits the Friendship Nebula and learns a valuable lesson about getting along.

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Music 2.0?

What are your favourite music apps? What are the best web apps out there for musicians, recording artists and/or sound engineers? Are there any web apps or mobile apps you use regularly in your recording setup or day to day musical life? What are the features you would most like to see from new web or mobile apps? [more inside] posted by TwoWordReview at 7:24 PM PST - 7 comments

Boots Of Spanish Leather

Another "get me out of this musical funk" cover. The more I hear Dylan sing this, the more I think this may be his most beautiful song. Here's my try. [more inside]

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Clap Around

Mulp and I worked on this yesterday. He played bass, synth, guitar + vocals. I did the programming, mixing + vocals. It's a rough mix, but a fun start to a new project. It features mostly instruments modded or repaired by me incidentally. [more inside]

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January 24

2010.11.11: Vibes, Basitar, Flaut, Vox

It always comes down to food and/or pants. I don't know why. [more inside]

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Want to record a bunch of different instruments onto my Macbook Pro.

I have trombones, a hollow-body electric guitar, a p-bass, v-drums, and one Macbook Pro. Help me connect them so I can record and make muzak. [more inside] posted by xtine at 2:29 PM PST - 3 comments

January 23

A High Mountain is the Ideal

More noisy electro/break bitmuxing. (beta mix)

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I tried to make a Drum'n'Bass track, with comical results. in less than 30 seconds the song turns from what could be a legitimate DnB offering into ultra-silly 80s synth lunacy. Oh well.

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Cock Robin [second take]

A four-part a cappella take on an old English nursery rhyme. The melody is traditional; the harmonic lines were written by my friend Laura, who also sings each line. This is our first attempt at this (her first performing, my first recording/producing) and I'm still trying to think of ways to make it better.

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January 22

Phil X! Plays Vintage Guitars

Phil X is a little eccentric, but can play a guitar and puts quite a few vintage lovelies through their paces. [more inside] posted by snsranch at 4:55 PM PST - 0 comments

Cheap Bass Advice?

Suggestions for a cheap bass for a non-bass player to use for recording? [more inside] posted by chococat at 3:02 PM PST - 23 comments

Riding Your Train

I posted a solo version of this song here before, but this time around my new band the Smoke Benders shakes 'em on down. From our second gig, at the tiny Bar Isshee, Shibuya, Tokyo, January, 20, 2011. Video here.

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January 21


Apologies for my absence — again. I will be releasing an album under the moniker Kings Of Last Night this year, and I want to share with you an outtake, a B-side if you will, a sketch of a song that didn't make the album but deserves to be played on the internets. That song is "Pilot", a story of aviation, extended metaphors, the fourth wall, and disaster. External links: KOLNBandcamp [more inside]

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Treaty of Westphalia

Sloppy slide electric guitar and drums stomper from the tape vault, goes on way too long. [more inside]

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Pedal order- is there really a right way?

Pedal order- objective or subjective? [more inside] posted by COBRA! at 12:57 PM PST - 13 comments

January 20

Time For Dance

As if there is any time that is NOT for dance

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January 19

The Card Cheat

I've had a bit of Clash fever lately, and a Kaossilator that I'm playing with. [more inside]

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Ol' Poop Face

Song about the Oregon Trail 'pooter game [more inside]

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Pretty good lyrics in this one. [more inside]

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January 18

Taste the Champions

While testing out my new mic stand, I figure I'd urge people toward their greatest best.

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January 17

FAWM nom nom nom nom

February Album Writing Month! Any other Mefites doing FAWM? [more inside] posted by threeants at 10:35 PM PST - 4 comments

January 16

Guitar, straight to the line in in my computer.

Software amp modeler on par with the POD? [more inside] posted by ignignokt at 6:23 PM PST - 7 comments

Rain & Snow

A version of the traditional tune, with very nontraditional backing.

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January 15

The Bigger Picture

Always find descriptions difficult. Ok. I'd say this is light, chewy, slightly farty, with raspberry notes and a hint of vitriol. Fancy a glass? [more inside]

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January 14

Hope You Catch the Drift

Live in concert at Barrelhouse, Ikebukuro, Tokyo, on December 12, 2010. Vocal and stick dulcimer. Video here.

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How it was done, back in the day


After reading this post, I was reminded of a beat I made 8 or 9 years back that obviously bites Pharcyde's "Drop". So here it is.

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January 13

Walking the Cow

A sleepy, ramshackle Daniel Johnston cover that I'm fond of. [more inside]

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No Rattle Just Hum

When recording, how do I keep the condenser mic from picking up the computer fan sounds? [more inside] posted by chrchr at 7:23 PM PST - 7 comments


A short echoey piece for keyboard.

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January 12

Queensland floods music festival fundraiser

Seeking musicians and performers who would like to play at an fundraising music festival for the Qld Floods. The festival site is in northern NSW about 4hrs from Brisbane and 8 hours from Sydney. [more inside] posted by Kerasia at 11:21 PM PST - 2 comments

January 11

Blue Sketch #1

A demo of a composition of my own I'm working on. If you've got ideas on direction or structure or whatever, comments are welcome. [more inside]

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January 10

My Funny Valentine

A jazz piano solo of the standard by Richard Rodgers and Lorenz Hart. [more inside]

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January 7

I turn around: it's fear; I turn around again: it's love

My first real ambient work. It comes from a pair of life changing conversations with two dear friends. [more inside]

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Mick Karn RIP

Sad news of the passing of the ex-Japan bassist at 52 of cancer. Mick was a Cypriot by birth (real name Antony Michaelides) who came to England as a child. He met up with the other guys in Japan at school in London. His playing was, for me, a highlight of the '80's - sinuous, snaking, highly melodic basslines delivered with superb timing and sound. Just a delight. This is a good example, as is this. Others will, perhaps, link to other examples of Mick's work. αντίο mate, you enhanced my love of music. posted by MajorDundee at 11:39 AM PST - 6 comments

January 6

I See A Darkness (cover)

For null terminated. [more inside]

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no more larsen plz

how to avoid audio feedback ? [more inside] posted by nicolin at 4:03 AM PST - 2 comments

January 5

improvising outside space and time

How can my collaborator and I improvise when we are 1000 miles apart? [more inside] posted by palacewalls at 9:13 AM PST - 3 comments

January 4

That's What I'll Do (For You)

A humorous little jazz number about humans that are in love with their pets. Part of a continuing New Year's Day song project I already posted to MeFi Projects. [more inside]

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That's My Ride

My roommate found a piece of paper on the ground and gave it to me. It had this song (poem?) written on it. I put it to music. (Lyrics slightly NSFW towards the end) [more inside]

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January 3

January Music Challenge

The January Music Challenge is well underway, but there is still room for entrants. [more inside] posted by snsranch at 6:21 PM PST - 15 comments

rock and roll

one. two.

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Help us be as efficient as possible in the studio

Heading into the studio this weekend and would like some tips, comments and experience on being as productive as possible. [more inside] posted by dobie at 2:58 PM PST - 18 comments

January 1

Changing Constantly

rude boy tele spank [more inside]

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