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January 28


A slow-building ambient jam / soundscape inspired by VCV Rack. [more inside]

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January 21

Perilous Motion

Here's a chewy demo, work in progress. If you like Seam and Superchunk this is in that vein. [more inside]

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January 18

Any one up for a wee collaboration?

I've been lucky enough to be able to record vocals for some really talented people here - ochenk, rangefinder 1.4, not_on_display - and I'd like to do some more. As they could all tell you, I'm quite rubbish at replies as sometimes my job drains me of any will to live, so it would be a casual and potentially leisurely collaboration. And I can only sing into my phone and link you to Allihoopa like some kind of caveperson and then expect you to do all the actual work of composing and mixing and that. If that all sounds like fun for you then let me know! All genres welcome. Except that one. Thanks. posted by billiebee at 7:47 AM PST - 7 comments

January 17


Deep and brooding delays and saturated distortion galore with epic resolve. [more inside]

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January 16

Lazy Rock

I miss the lazy rock of the 90's. Lean into the derivative. [more inside]

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January 6

Close Enough

Building a beat around an organ loop [more inside]

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Plasma Laser Whip

The year is 1998, the air is thick with sweat and the night is slipping deep into the bass. The 303 pulses and squelches, the drum machine kicks the beat and the effects warp our minds. Dawn is coming, but for now it is just us and the crowd and the music and the warehouse.... [more inside]

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Tired Of Winning

Another track from my first solo album. Like a great many of these lyrics, it began as a joke, albeit a sardonic one. President Trump had done something else horrifying and I said, out loud to mrs. eustacescrubb, "he was right. I AM tired of winning!" [more inside]

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January 1

st swithins day

broken heart et alia. [more inside]

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